Halfbrick Jobs - Paid Intern Positions Available

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Applications close - 25th August

Intern Positions

Halfbrick Studios, the highly successful Brisbane based studio behind such titles as Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, Raskulls and Age of Zombies is seeking Interns to join one of our teams for upcoming projects.

These are 6 month in-house paid internship positions!

About Halfbrick
Halfbrick was founded in 2001 and since then expanded to over 45 of the best staff in the industry. We have successfully released over 16 titles across multiple platforms ranging from the Nintendo DS/DSi right through to Xbox Live Arcade and new mobile platforms such as the iPhone / iPad and Android.

About our Teams
Our people work in smaller, self directed teams and are given opportunities to contribute to both the design and implementation across all of our games. As a Brick you will be given the freedom to work across multiple areas and make significant contributions to every game you work on.

Halfbrick values its people and strives to provide a creative, rewarding environment where we can pursue our passion of creating great games, without regular crunch periods and other negative aspects that plague more traditional game development.
If you want to make smaller, fun games in a great environment, contact us today!

We are looking for people who...
• Are passionate about games.
• Want to work on the kind of games Halfbrick develops.
• Pay attention to detail.
• Work well in a team.
• Focus on high quality.
• Have great communication skills.

Gameplay Programmers
Awesome, crack programmers who know how to make fun games and can read a designer’s mind.
- Required skills: strong C/C++.
- Rapid prototyping and gameplay programming skills.
- Flash knowledge a plus.
- Playable games, mods, level designs, prototypes or anything else that you think will show us your skills.

We are looking for multi-talented, creative artists with a passion for games and capable of creating beautiful eye candy, both 2D and 3D.
- Character/Environment 3D modelling, texturing, animation and concepting a must.
- 2D game art, animation and graphic design skills are extremely desirable!
- A portfolio of 3D/2D work, game assets, drawings or anything else that shows us that you have the creativity, passion and drive to make cool looking games. Show us why we want you to art the next hit Halfbrick Game!
- Technical familiarity with game production is a plus.
- Ability to work as part of a team and excellent communications skills a must.

We are looking for genius game designers with great instincts and creative flair.
- Excellent communication skills are a must.
- Flash or other prototyping experience a plus.
- Any playable games, mods, level designs, prototypes or anything else that you think will show us just how skilled and creative you are is required. If there is nothing for us to play, we can’t tell just how good you are!

What to submit:

• Portfolio (incl. hobby projects, assignments, artworks).
• Resume.
• Tertiary academic history.
• A cover letter (incl. if you are still studying).

Please submit your resume to jobs@halfbrick.com. To email portfolios over 10mb and under 50mb use yousendit.com.

Alternatively, mail to:
Halfbrick Studios,
Level 1, 190 Kelvin Grove Rd
QLD, 4059, Australia