Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2009 program announced

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The program for Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2009 conference, which is being held in Melbourne this year, has been announced by The Game Developer's Association of Australia (GDAA) and is now available for viewing on the GCAP website. There are some definite must-see sessions that I'm definitely looking forward including:

Keynote Speaker, probably most known for his involvement with God of War : David Jaffe – Eat, Sleep, Play (via video link)
Keynote Speaker, Tim Stellmach from Vicarious Visions (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Ultima Underworld, Deus Ex and Guitar Hero)

Rob Murray – Firemint (2:10pm – 3:10pm Monday)
What we learned from self-publishing Flight Control and Real Racing on the Apple App Store

Farbs - Pants Off! My Journey to Indiehood (11am - 12pm Tuesday) well as a rather topical subject at the moment:

CEO panel: The state of the Australian Games Industry (3:35pm - 4:45pm Tuesday)
Panel discussion chaired by Tom Crago, featuring Mike Fegan, Shainel Deo, and Ross Symons.

Of course, it's become almost customary but the final session is also a great one with:

What I Hate About Video Games : A Critic's Perspective
Chaired by David Hewitt and featuring media luminaries like Yahtzee, Jason Hill, and presenters from Good Game and more.

There's a whole lot more in the schedule, so be sure to check out the three day program at the following PDF link!