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Did anyone here own an Amiga between the late 80's and mid 90's? Did you use to connect to your local BBS and download demos with your 2400 or 9600 baud modem through your telephone line? Do the demo group names Decay, Cydonia, Pearl, Digital Access, or Punishers mean anything to you?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then this will definitely be of interest to you!

tsumea is proud to announce that we are now hosting Ozscene - The Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive!

While we may associate the term 'demos' in gaming as brief cut down previews of games, in the demoscene they mean an entirely different thing altogether. They were technical masterpieces, produced by a collaboration of talented programmers, artists, and musicians. These teams pushed the boundaries of the computer hardware far beyond what games did.

There were no engines you modded - all code was written entirely in assembly and hit the hardware directly, and the visual effects were generated in real-time and generally at full frame-rate. Artwork was usually limited to 32 colours or less from a palette of 4096 and completed within Deluxe Paint, pixel by pixel. Music was about plotting notes into a 4 channel tracker, and the entire demo had to do something amazing usually with a standard 7mhz Amiga and just 512k of ram, all fitting within a 880k 3.5 inch floppy disk or two.

Demo scenes were a popular subculture of computing for the young the world over, and you'd be surprised to know of some game companies that have their roots in the demo scene. DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) who created the Battlefield series of games started out as the demo group called The Silents on the Amiga. Their first games were Pinball Illusions and Pinball Fantasies, if any old school Amiga gamers remember those great games.

Australia had a vibrant demo scene community during the Amiga era with a great number of interesting demos created here. Decay, partly based in Orange, NSW, was one notable group that made it on to nationally broadcasted TV with their work. Their demos featured digitised motion video with realistic audio samples from the popular programs like The Simpons, Steve Vizard, and the Hinch news program, which was rarely seen on a computer at that time with the limited specifications mentioned earlier. And then there was Cydonia, one of the more prolific and productive Australian Amiga demo groups in the scene contributing with over 25 demos in their relatively short time of existence.

There are a lot of stories behind many of these demos, some triumphs and rivalries, but unfortunately, it's well beyond the scope of this news item. Needless to say, the Amiga demo scene was definitely a memorable part of my past time as a teenager with an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200. Just running through the list, I can see pixel artwork, logos, animations, and fonts that I've made in over a dozen titles listed on the archive page. The name Sumea actually comes from one of my favourite demos on the Amiga.

Thanks to Peter Budziszewski for collecting and compiling all these files and creating this list which we're now archiving on tsumea. We'll be updating it whenever we receive any more contributions. I recommend downloading WINUAE to emulate these Amiga files, and you can grab the WINUAE emulator here.

Check out the archive at the following link!


jayktaylor's picture

Always brings back so much nostalgia whenever I think of Amiga and all of those games. I can remember always making animated cartoons with Deluxe Paint on Amiga 1200, damn I wish I kept those!

Dan's picture

There are quite a few of mine on there. I wont say what ones though. It's been so long I had not idea they were still around. Well done to all involved in putting this together.

Follow me on twitter @auscoder

Peter Budziszewski's picture

Thanks for hosting it Souri, and for fixing my original coder HTML :)


Reload's picture

Hi GUys & Girls

where the hell have you guys been hidding?? Hi Souri,

The guys from Defame Sydney (ex Dusk and TDU) are having a party!! We want every one out of the wood works and attend this party...

The good old amiga SCENERS.. The good old days..This party will be in relation too a flash back from the past.. And we at defame need your help and input..

Firstly if you know of any old amiga, c64 or PC sceners please help us track them down and attend this gathering.. There are compos as well.

JUNE 2011 long week end

More info

Storm / Cydonia's picture

Oh hai Reload, will there be beers? :-)

Reload's picture

Hey storm.. What's a demo party without beers.. Also a pub on ground floor.

Where is all the old guys?? I've Been searching for you guys for awhile now.. Last tine was the dusk party haha.

Greg newton. Reload

souri's picture

I still keep in contact with a small bunch of guys from the old demo group, including Storm there. Actually had beers with them last weekend ;)

I can't believe you're still heavily into the demo scene. That's dedication for you!

(you should be getting into making games too though ;))

Voltage's picture

Hi Souri,

Reload said you were big into the scene a meager couple of decades ago. :)

Come and check out Flashback, we've just put up the rego page.


Voltage / Defame

Krion / ex-Cydonia's picture

Hey man, I tried to get in contact with you last year (at your address) but didn't get a reply.

Anyway sounds cool, I'll be there :)

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could you also help us preserve amiga music from both Australian and New Zealand scenes?

information, modules, etc. would be candy!!

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I was just randomly googling around for Reality and found their web site:

-=SPY=-'s picture


just stumbled upon this site , I used to be good friends with Bigmac/Decay , Cool col J and Johnny Turbo / Digital Access and a fair few others

I used to go by the handle -=SPY=- and I was a modem trader / importer/ Old Skool Phreaker and I joined the Group Liberty who got few months after I joined they got busted and then I joined Subzero in Germany but then when phreaking died due to telescum updating all the exchanges and after a run in with the cops for carding I sold my amiga and got a girlfriend.

Anyhow I have access to a few demos and magazine disks and phreaking software.

Would be interesting to bring back some more memorys and go to the party.

souri's picture

Yeh, your nick definitely rings a bell!

I didn't delve into the phreaking side of things back in the day, but that didn't stop friends from interstate calling me up with free calls! The docs explaining how to do it were fairly easily attainable though. I remember hearing of many interesting stories of phone phreaking back in the day, law enforcement not knowing what to do with confiscated Amiga equipment (especially with 3 1/2" floppy disks) etc

I still see John occasionally, and Colin is also around although I haven't seen him in years.

-=SPY=-'s picture

Heres the link to d/l da party 92 slideshow for digital access and cydonia demo party .. you will see me :)


I uploaded there but they got my name wrong .. lol its SPY not SCY

aZtOcKdOg's picture

Hey guys, wow this is cool to see!

I am just wondering if anyone still has / knows if the collection of .mods I uploaded in '95/96 to one of the Cydonia crew ... the alias was GUStO and one of the songs from that (.lha I think?) that I uploaded was used in the CRAPTRO II demo....

If anyone knows any info that'd be awesome as! Love watching all these old oz demos and hope to hear back something sometime :)