Sorceror Bob Vs Doord in a Digital Draw Off

Well Matt (Sorceror Bob) and I (Doord) were chatting about art on MSN as we usually do around 4 O'clock. And we came around to rating ourselves out of ten for a modelling and 2D skills. I gave my self a 8/10 for modelling and a 4.5/10 for 2D. Were Matt said he would rate himself a little lower and model and a bit higher in 2D then myself.

Well me being an ego crazy freak (as a lot of you know) I said I would draw a image for Matt and see what he reckoned. Then I ask if he would like to be in on it and the little comp was formed.

The two of us are going to draw one character each and wish for you guy to vote on the one you like the best, few free to add and comments on the works also.

There are very few rules.

- One character.
- No background. Character need to take up 80% of the image, clothing or object(s) the character is interacting with are counted as the character. (Does that help you out Matt?)
- No character story or explanation just the drawing. A title can be added.
- Characters will be posted together on the 1st of April 9:00am EST.
- When Character are posted there are to be no names on the image, so judges do not which image is is owned by who.
- WIP are to be posted after voting. 5th of April 9:00am EST.

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oh man, I coughed my drink up when I saw that Aven.

But yeah, you're right.. couple of potatoes and a large cucumber.. you know, to beef things up a bit.

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Go druid.........doord, this one's for paul steed *chucks an apple at sorceror bob* wuhoooooooooooo, yeah, if SB wins i'll riot. Let's go flip some cars wuhoooooooooo.

oh and yeah curse you Aven, no one is allowed to give me an erection except Paul Steed's characters.

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so... many... bad... mental... images... arghh!

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*tries to pull bullet21's lips off doords arse*

Sorry brendan, I couldn't do it man.. Maybe you need to goto a doctor to have it removed :D

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Well i'm quite happy right where i am thank you very much :P

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Originally posted by inglis

you have to pay fanboys now days???????

No I find that they pay me. Your getting a petty shit deal S'bob.


Originally posted by bullet21

oh and yeah curse you Aven, no one is allowed to give me an erection except Paul Steed's characters.

Well bullet21, I have to tell you that after making and very good start of my character there are no huge tits or big boots.


Originally posted by inglis

so...................any chance of seeing any drawings soon???

I have been saving off wip image to post after the voting is done.

Anyway, just so you all know, this will be my first 2D colour digital image I have done, and very happy with it so far.

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Forgot something........Oh.......And Matt you suck [;)]

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So I sez to Mable, I sez.....

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*staples a picture of robin to brendans ass*

*throws batman at brendan*

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This is really starting to get out of hand..

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Maybe it is possible to have the winner of the duel go on to duel an other Sumean.

Thanks for bat women to Matt, who knew that she had a thing for Robin. Well if your eye are that bad you can't tell the difference between Bat Man and Bat women then this should be an easy win.

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haha, like a gauntlet style, 'how many Sumeans can you make it through!!'

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Very high quality pieces getting done here, espicially the concept picture by Doord, I preffered the doctorted one. Half you people have problems though, I think you like doord a bit too much Bullet21. This is what happens when forums are moderated strickly, ha .

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Ooh I like the idea of keeping challenges going - perhaps we should start a challenge thou draw club activity! [:)] or even a whole sub forum of it ala the quick challenges [:)]

I'll be in it :) I challenge SOURI!!!! woo!

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I would like to see the challenge keep going the artist which wins, fights off new artists one at a time. Until he or she is beaten and then they go on to fight the next artist. The loser of the duel picks four idea for what the next challenge will be and the two artist about to duel picks the one they both wish to do (both do the same one.)

Up loading images now.

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[img] [/img]

To Nice To Kill.

Add comments with yours votes if you wish or just vote. Just make a post.

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hey ni9ce work guys!
Jungle: I like this guy, kinda of sasquatch druid! Lightings really nice, but I feel the anatimy is a bit loose.

To nice to kill: I really dig this chick! But (theres always a but) here body is to straight up and down, plus her hand on her hip is a little off. Overall I would say that the line work seems still a bit seppereated, like it needs to be worked into the piece more... ok just being picky from my end, ooh that doesn't sound right any way

My vote goes too... 'To Nice To Kill'

I will say that the styles are completely different so it was close!
Good work boys!

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Hey I agree with most of Matais' comments. I vote for "Nice To Kill".

The Jungle one has lots of stuff going on and is definitely a more free flowing style, however I think it needs to be taken further in terms of refinement. I think the biggest problem in the drawing however, is the pose. He's not really doing much. I know there's not supposed to be any background story, but you can convey a lot simply by how someone stands or gestures.

As for Nice to Kill, it has a nice, controlled execution. The onlu thing that annoys me is the line work, like Matais said, is a bit separated. Some of the lines seem very jagged and pixellated too.

They're both very different images to compare with one another. The first one as it has a very free style, which I personally like and the second one has a very tight style, executed well.

But in the end I'd have to say 'Too Nice to Kill' has that extra bit of polish.

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Since I know who did which one, I'll refrain from casting a vote and just crit them both... I'm a bastard like that [:)]

The two images are near polar opposites to one-another. One is "clean", one is "dirtied". One is "pretty" one is "ugly" (talking content here, not reaction!) etc, so I'll tackle one at a time.

It is a fairly basic design concept - hairy nude guy with a knife. It is a basic idea, and one that is communicated well without cluttering the idea. Artistically it shows a lot of potential; care has obviously been made to focus on lighting and form, with traditional art knowledge being used such as warm and cool polars, complimenting colours, etc.
The anatomy and pose could've had some more love in the design stage (bit more dynamic posing, a few proportion fixes), and the form could've been pushed and defined a bit more, but it looks good and communicates its idea well.

"To Nice To Kill.":
Although a clean execution and well presented, it does look heavily photo referanced to the point of a trace over - it has the perspective and form distortion you get when taking photos and making line art from them. It reminds me of the graphic artist work that is just line art from pretty girl photos with some bits added on to make it a design, and then some artsy text added which seems to be popular now-adays [:)].
I like the presentation, it works well, and I think it has a good idea behind it, but I think that idea gets very lost in the execution (eg, hard to understand what a number of those parts are and how they're sitting there and why). I think it goes more for the "ooh" factor by combining a "come get me now" girl + fantasy sci/fi elements which although is cliche, it plays to the audience which eats it up.

So my opinion (tm), is that the scifi gal is better for the audience, and the jungle man I find more impressive and promising in an artistic manner. This has all been my first impression of the two images, I'm sure I'm wrong on a few points, but the impression is still the same.

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my vote goes to "to nice to kill" i don't know why but i jsut like it lots.

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I would kill that woman. As I am not really artistic I can't crit any of them. But I like the Jungle one, a lot of detail in it.

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matias: your right about the line work, my fuck up I guess. I trend to not think the same about the arm, but I think you have a point her elbow need to be pointing back a lot more.

Jason: Pixellated that because I didn't do any work on it after I here re sized it. And the line drawing thing again, maybe one of the reason this is a problem in this image is because I don't to much colour and shading in my 2D art and mainly just do line drawing for concept art. So I think I will need to do more of this kind of stuff to get away from that.

Aven: Thanks Matt I have been trying to get away from hero males and females for the last few months, this it my first competed work I have been able to post, and look forward for many more. Yes the legs are in hell but no as bad as they were which you will be able to see in the WIP I posted today. The lack of good shadow is because of laziness, I was going to do a final shadow and highlight pass the night before I posted the characters, but I had something else I wished to do more. And because I do digital art all day I don't push myself into doing it at home, which stops me burning out.

J.I. Styles: Well first of all the pose was not photo referenced, and I wasn't happy to see that you said it was. I'm not sure how I can show you it wasn't, but I have posted my WIP today and also I can just say that I do a lot of line drawing and looking at character is 3D space at all angles and all kind of poses (being a animator and all.) Girl + fantasy sci-fi that is what it is and I will not be changing my subject matter and any huge way, soon.

HazarD: Yeah I aim for very clean work. My artistic style. But I didn't do that final pass "lazy old me."

bullet21: Thanks, but I would have to say that I and Bob also have worked out that we both are winner from this from this. Due to what we have leant from it.

FireFlight: Okay.


Okay if there is anyone which wishs to have a draw off with me for the 2nd round can you e-mail me and we will get it on the way.