modelling test


hi there, does any1 feel like giving me a modelling test, ie.
Give me a character sheet or just a concept and set me a poly limit and see how we go? i wld like this very much. i will post sum of my own stuff soon, but i wld like to do somethin like this as well. I can model very quickly but then i start to loose motivation when it comes to uv mapping and animating. I am now starting to model, setup the rig for the character, then think about mapping and animating, and i hardly think of painting textures at all, as i dont have a wacom anymore [:(] i will get one in a few months perhaps [:)] then i will be happy to work on textures. I have done a few textures but they have been for specific characters so i have pretty muuch looked at the textures i have seen and copied them...
give me a modeling test plz. either post it here or email me :)

i pretty much just like makin models, but it seems to get any work these days ( not that i have worked in the games industry ) you have to do much more than make a model and map it... which i think sucks, coz better ppl in 2d can paint your textures and better animators can animate your model. maybe australia is just too cheap and they only want amazin ppl that can do it all and thus just dont give the ppl that focus on one area a chance......................

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