How long did you apply for your first game job before getting in?

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You need to almost extend the time period out a bit more. I know it took me 2-3 years of applying for jobs to get in eventually. I'd be curious if people found they had to have a longer period.

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you're missing the option "i didn't apply, i just had job offers in the mail" =)

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the results are interesting so far. 34% taking longer than 3 years to find a job is surprising

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It took me about 7 months to get the phone call from Pandemic half way through last year.

It was a great place to work, but unfortunately all too brief (for well published reasons). It took me about another four months before I found my second job.

Well done tho those who were able to score straight away.

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In reflection of my first job:

From the time I started posting a completed folio to getting the job. I'd say it took 4 months.

keep in mind though. the interview was done on the 2nd month. it just took 2 more for all the bits and bobs to pass through before I could officially work.

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It took me about 6 years to get into the industry, from sending my first batch of applications all over the world to squeezing my foot through the door of a local QA department. Persistence and luck play a part in scoring any job, but I'd strongly advise newbies to network with people in the industry. They will be more inclined to give you a leg up when junior positions become available, and might make your journey less drawn out than mine.

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Wow, you've certainly got my admiration for sticking it out for so long!

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Damn man... and I thought I slugged it out for a long time. I graduated from QANTM and it took me 4 years (had to relocate to Melbourne too :P )