L.A. Noire Trailer


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The long awaited trailer of L.A Noire from Team Bondi.


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What a long waiting product from AUS.
Great facial animation, overall look could be better.

Gameplay..... not sure. (more video please)

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This looks fantastic. Granted its not gameplay, but the facial animation looks totally outstanding. It looks to me as though its a mix of vertex blend-shapes and animated textures. Whatever it is, its working. Now for some GP!

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Facial animation does look great. But the lighting looks very flat. Hopefully the game has depth of field effect.

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It's as we've always said. Great visuals and facial animation but they don't show how bad the actual gameplay is. But the trailers will sell enough units before metacritic kicks in.

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It doesn't show how GOOD the gameplay is.

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The gameplay isn't good. Playing a cop in a sandbox is fundamentally flawed and the shit rolls downhill from there. It should have been Heavy Rain style from the start (just make the set pieces).

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It looks very impressive and exciting!

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That MotionScan tech really looks good on the faces

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It's great to finally see the MotionScan tech at work and the general consensus from all around the 'nets is that it's awesome. It's definitely the next level up in character animation. As good as the lip syncing and facial animation is in character focussed games like Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain etc, they were still very much wooden and lifeless, missing many of the little nuances and randomness that a human expression exerts. Facial scanning real actors performing seems to be the solution :)