[Rev-share]Promotional Artist needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG.


Starboard Games LLC is looking for a highly professional, qualified, indie team developer to join our ambitious INT project.

We are looking for a Promotional Artist to join our PR Team. We are looking to follow up on our successful ‘State of SOL’ video from 2015 with additional story videos that set the stage for the INT Universe.

As a promotional artist for our team you will make polished art pieces that can be used for our production team, for promotional purposes, or to create feature art trailers such as the trailer linked above.

1. Attend the monthly meeting and relevant other meetings as required or notice given to Project Lead if you cannot attend the meeting.
2. Post regular status updates on projects and work to complete projects in a timely manner.
3. Quick turnaround on assignments.
4. Take feedback well and work to address needed feedback on art pieces.
5. Report to Project Lead for assignments.

1. Must be familiar with digital art creation software such as Adobe Photoshop.
2. Have knowledge of digital 2D image creation for print.

1. Use of all your models for your personal portfolio, website, blog, etc.
2. Rich, constructive team experience.

We are an unfunded project that is seeking to create a technology (public-free) demo which will be used to crowd-fund on a variety of platforms including our websites and Kick-starter. It is a volunteer time based project, but we are looking for people who have around 15 hours a week to spend on this. Currently we are unable to offer commission payment or wages. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Please email your CV along with your portfolio and any other relevant document to JohnHR@int-game.net