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Game Platform: App Store Game Genre: Action, FPS Game Engine: Unity Development Status: Released

The highly anticipated cutting-edge augmented reality Haunted Home introduces ethereal ghosts, evil wizards and life-like bats into your environment, in a unique gaming experience. Interact with your home and surroundings in a whole new way through AR, as you ward off the demons which materialise from nowhere in this spine-tingling version of haunted house.

We haven't left you empty handed, use your weapon and move around to avoid a certain death.

The game features spine tingling sound track that will have you on edge as you play.

If you are big fan of halloween, scary movies, first person shooters or AR this is the game for you

Haunted Home features:
Life like characters such as ghosts, wizards and bats
Strong scenes and supporting characters - is that doll possessed? is that a dragon? what just happened?
Augmented Reality that really will scare you
Haunting sound track
Ad free with no need to buy add-ons

Thanks for your time but what's that coming through the floor?