Game Connect 2011: Opening and Keynote Address, "We need to aim higher"


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Conference opening of Game Connect: Asia Pacific in Melbourne (November, 2011), with Game Developers' Association of Australia CEO, Antony Reed, followed by international keynote speaker, Mike Acton.

Mike Acton is Engine Director at Insomniac Games. When he's not searching for new ways to optimize Insomniac's engine, he's dreaming about how to help the development community. Mike can often be found extolling the virtues of understanding the data and the hardware first along with programming for performance.

"We Need To Aim Higher"
It's time for game developers to get out of their own way. To refuse to be boxed in by fear or creatively diminished by rigid, outdated schools of thought. We need to reclaim our genius, expand our visions, and get back to doing what we do best: Evolving our products and ourselves and taking the world along with us. We need to aim higher.