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0n-WgVGnr9o is our first game for the iPhone platform. It started as an small idea that would help us get used to the development environment and tools.

Soon after we had a prototype up we realised it was a bunch of fun in it's own right and we set to work building it up and polishing it as a fully fledged game. Official trailer:

Impromptu Fire Propagation System (UE4 Blueprint)
Building a Car From Start to Finish
Stealth game proto 9/3/2015
Little Dev Update: Car Tutorial Scenarios
Early proto stealth/first person movement game thing
Armello Early Access v0.3.1 Reveal
Little Dev Update: Polishing Up & Steam
More first person movement stuff
First person movement stuff, now with sliding
First person movement stuff 190215
Warpath domination just gotta force a draw.
FRAMED Animation Process (Time Lapse)
Armello Early Access v0.3.0 Dev Play - Epic Rot Victory Attempt
The Long Way
GGJ15 TheLongWay
More UE4 Fire Propagation