Video of the moment


Short video timelapse shot during our Show Us Your Bits event! Thank you everyone who came, this has been our biggest event yet.

Special thanks to all of our staff, volunteers and amazing sponsors:

Edith Cowan University (
Westralian Bookkeeping Solutions (
Black Lab Games (

for making this event awesome!

See you at the next one!

Music is Vanishing Point by Kinobe

Teremus vs Sinsanity
Best of 3 and Sideboard Showcase
Half Hour Slideshow
Weekly Free Deck Rotation
Verore Channeler V.2 Art Time-Lapse
Christian Read on Protocol E's Story
METROCIDE: Video Walkthrough, Zone 3
Fight The Dragon - Teleporters
We Of The Woods - Pre Alpha
Little Dev Update: Away, But Not Gone
Spacething: Spaceship renovation system (UE4)
Super Mega Mega - DK2 Support
Unannounced Indie Game - Oculus Rift Testing 2014
BUILT - Player created building on the test server
BUILT - Block rotation (with guide)
BUILT - Plank
BUILT - Playable Demo
BUILT - Blocks
Satellite Reign Pre-Alpha Playthrough