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2D Animation from AIE Seattle Skills Center

The AIE Seattle Skills Center classes for the Seattle Schools District enable committed high school students from around the city to study animation and game design in exchange for high school credit. The two semesters per year program introduces them to a number of contemporary industry skills, including:

2D Digital Animation,
CG Game Design/Animation/Programming,
Team-based Animated Filmmaking and
Animated Graphic Novel creation.

The following is just a small sample of the various styles and techniques achieved under the tutelage of AIE Skills Center program director, Tony White.

Let's Play Automation: V8 for a Cappo (with Cas & Rob)
Student animation (1st year) - AIE
Day 2 -- Little game for Freeplay
Racing Game for iPhone & iPad gameplay video (work in progress)
Automation Original Soundtrack
UDK Security Camera Tutorial
Monster Truck Destruction Update - Destruction Test
Let's Play Automation: The V8 Nucleon (with Andy & Rob)
Quick Quest First Playable
Automation Dev Tutorial: Car Aero and Size Stats
Let's Play Automation: Cold Steel Taxi (with Andy & Rob)
Interactive Game Environment Assignment - Pug Class Part 2 - AIE Sydney
Little Dev Update: Suspension Types
Octopus Diorama Breakdown
Monster Truck Destruction Update (29-04-2011)
Monster Truck Destruction Update - Soft Bounce Test
DroneSwarm Command - iPad Development Video 5
Captain Jameson - Progress Report #001
Bullistic Unleashed - Level 13 Hint Video
Commando Bros Gameplay