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**Warning: Contains explicit (Throw)language**

This week in the ThrowNews:
Bits 'n Pieces
Metric Fuckton of development

Playtesting and Data Analysis
Results from Bits & Pieces
Next focus is on the actual teaching rather than gameplay
Learning curve
Restricted by physics (usually middle vertical slice first)
Data Analysis
Getting a measure of player frustration
Challenge/Fun scores, how often level was skipped, when the player stopped playing
Next will want to get heatmaps
Strategies of players of different skill levels
Self-reporting game challenge (have a small '...

Tutorial: Brake & Suspension Setup
Trainz: A New Era - Season Town - SNEAK PEEK
Aurae - Oculus VRJAM
Matt Farah Plays Automation: Building a Supercar
Armello At Wyld's Will v0.3.3 Reveal
Stealthgame 260415
Let's Play & Analysis of Demographics
Spacething Gameplay
Penguin Splat Demo
Little Dev Update: 15. April 2015
Impromptu Procedural Stairs blueprint (UE4)
Little Dev Update: 7. April 2015
Ice Caves of Europa - Gameplay Example [no audio]
Ice Caves of Europa - Time Trial (work-in-progress)
Little Dev Update: 28. March 2015
Fight The Dragon - World Map & Moving Stuff Around
Little Dev Update: 21. March 2015
Impromptu Procedural Handrails (UE4)
The Sims FreePlay - Royalty Update Trailer
Matt Farah Plays Automation: A 70's Coupe