Local games industry shares condolences over passing of Steve Jobs

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A large number of local games developers and industry from Australia and New Zealand join in with the flood of condolences coming from the world over via micro-blogging service, Twitter, upon hearing the sad news that technology visionary and former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, passed away today.

There aren't many in the local games industry who hasn't been inspired by the products and innovations of Apple and Steve Jobs, especially those who now make a living developing titles for the iPhone, iPad, and the iOS platform. It could be said that the iPhone and its App Store is responsible for kicking mobile games development into high gear, and it is this segment of the games industry which has grown the most locally.

Perhaps the most poignant tribute is by Seon from Melbourne iOS games developer, 3Sprockets, who understands the loss of someone from the same disease that ended the life of Steve Jobs. He shares the inspiring legacy that Steve leaves behind...

It’s a sad day. Steve Jobs has passed away after a long fight with Pancreatic Cancer. I know the disease well as my father was taken from me a few years ago from the same cancer. Both Steve and my father were diagnosed at pretty much the same time, so both events hold vivid memories for me...

Steve is now gone and when you strip away the leadership, technology and innovation he helped create at Apple, Next and Pixar, it becomes clear what he really left behind for us all.

A simple message.

Live your own life, follow your own dreams and live life today like it's your last.

Apple was my first computer, my first job and the way I've made my living since. RIP Jobs - Brad Giblin, video game investor for the Victorian Government

My first computer was an Apple II. I wouldnt be a game developer now without the two Steves. - Black Lab Games

Thank you Steve and Apple for changing my life for the better. - KlickTock

Steve Jobs lives on in every Mac, and iDevice. - Brawsome

R.I.P. to a man who bought us many things but most of all, the inspiration to be creative and innovative. - Screwtape Studios

A sad day. What a life. - Matt Comi, Big Bucket Software

RIP Steve Jobs. To an inspiring man who helped changed human interaction and who inspired so many - Zimzala Studios

RIP Steve Jobs, you were an inspiration - AIE Sydney

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Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. RIP Steve Jobs. - Ignition Games

Condolences to Steve Job's family and friends. He was a genius who departed too soon but his legend will live on. - Space Gum

One man set a new standard and pace for technical innovation. The world will need to step up and work hard to maintain it. - Craig Peebles, IGDA Melbourne

We're sorry to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.... - Stickmen Studios

Farewell to a visionary http://www.apple.com/ 1955-2011 - The Voxel Agents

RIP Steve Jobs. Very sad to lose someone who had such an impact on the world and our lives. - Convict Interactive

Saddened to hear about the death of Steve Jobs - a true visionary. - Nnooo

A very sad day... apple.com/stevejobs - John Passfield, 3 Blokes Studios

We have lost a visionary of no equal and a friend who helped us become what we are today. RIP Steve Jobs. - Halfbrick Studios

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wow, we knew it was coming, but it is still a bit sudden http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/ a sad day for technology. - Ben Britten, Tin Man Games

vale steve jobs - http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-20116336-37/apple-co-founder-chairman-... Jobs leaves behind his wife, four children, two sisters, and 49,000 Apple employees. - Brisbane's 48hr Game Comp