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Wargaming Sydney is seeking an experienced Project Manager to assist with the management of multi-discipline software development teams, delivering technology projects and engine features as part of our middleware video games engine technology, BigWorld Technology.

You will provide expert support to drive projects to successful delivery, all the while keeping the team laser focused, motivated and stakeholders well informed.

Main Responsibilities

  • You will be working with a world class team of software engineers; your role is to deliver projects to our international partner studio's exacting requirements.
  • This involves clairvoyant production planning, constant measuring of project's progress and health, and course correcting to keep the project on target for successful execution.
  • Along the way you will be presenting upstream on the project's status and, thanks to your keen PM senses, be able to spot (and, more importantly, avoid) risks in less than twelve parsecs.


  • You're a highly motivated project manager experienced in game development, R&D, or equivalent complex software development projects.
  • Possessing strong project management skills with keen demonstrable ability to focus on dynamic priorities, working to strict deadlines and exacting standards, and thriving in high pressured environments. You always perform with effortless grace under pressure.
  • You're an expert in Agile methodologies, a virtuoso, you understand when to go by the book and where to adapt and tune methodologies to ensure optimal performance.
  • Constantly analysing process and performance, you strive for continual improvement for the benefit of the project, team and our customers.
  • An excellent communicator, you're able to assimilate complex technical scenarios, and to provide succinct clarity.
  • Organised, highly analytical, process driven and adaptable; you're a metaphorical PM Octopus, able to handle multiple projects at various stages of development.
  • You're more than a 'people person'; you're a Jedi, possessing level 11 influencing and negotiation skills.
  • A strong technical background is essential for this role; although you're not going to be cutting code as part of your role at Wargaming Sydney, the projects we help to manage are highly technical in nature, so you'll need to be able to hold your own in a casual water cooler debate about the merits of P4 over SVN.


  •  Amongst your wider studio Project Manager duties, you'll likely also be taking on the role of Scrum Master on a team, so CSM and years of success with real world Scrum would be a BIG plus.
  • Lastly, we develop engine technology for video games so a good knowledge of, and keen interest in, video games will be a huge plus. With that in mind, we would 'highly' recommend (read: critical) that you take the time to play some of our games that Wargaming publish, as chances are Wargaming Sydney has played a part in developing key technology for the project, and besides most are free & fun!
  • Please only apply if you are interested in working in a creative, challenging and driven environment. We're not your typical office; we don't wear suits and see no good reason to act our age, that's just not our style. We value passion, excellence and humility. If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, if you can trust yourself when everyone is doubting you - then come join our family.

A bit about the studio and office

Wargaming Sydney is the Australian branch of Wargaming.net.

Wargaming Sydney is the software studio behind BigWorld Technology, the cutting-edge online game engine that powers World of Tanks, the smash-hit MMO with over 100 million players, and other record-breaking titles. BigWorld Technology is the product of a creative, dynamic and innovative team working in an environment that is challenging, exciting and constantly evolving.

At Wargaming Sydney we offer all our employees a comprehensive benefits package including discounted private health care, subsidised fitness/gym memberships, breakfast every day, a weekly company-provided lunch, and more...

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome all races, religions and genders. We have zero tolerance for workplace bullying, discrimination, and harassment.

Take a look at our website and apply today at www.wargaming.com/en/careers/

Please only apply for this role if you are authorised to work in Australia and hold the correct visa. Only successful applicants will be contacted.


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