Blue Manchu moves to Sydney, sets up new studio


Sorry Canberra, you now have one less indie studio based in your territory. Irrational Games co-founder, Jonathan Chey, has made the move with his new indie studio to the fine city of Sydney. Things are getting a bit more serious for the Card Hunter developer as they're also busily setting up an actual studio too. From the latest entry in their blog...

Yeah, there's a bit of spare room in here at the moment, but hopefully we'll be adding some more people as the year goes by. That's Ben there playing Card Hunter! He tends to get a bit carried away playing the game

So who is Ben that's being referred to in the picture? He is, of course, the very talented Ben Lee, previously art director at Irrational Games Canberra and the guy who steered the art direction on titles such as Freedom Force and Tribes: Vengeance. It looks he's just made the move back to Australia after a seven-year stint at Brighton in the UK. For those who can remember, we managed to get some wise words off Ben back in 2004 on an article for aspiring 3D game artists in Australia. Check it out here!

For some more shots of Blue Manchu's new studio, check out their blog post for the photos!