Wargaming Sydney is seeking an experienced, passionate Scrum Master

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Wargaming Sydney is seeking an experienced, passionate Scrum Master to join our team working in a highly technical and highly complex Large-Scale Scrum environment.

What you'll be doing:

  • Coach and facilitate their team as well as the broader group into realising the benefits of Scrum and other Agile practices
  • Provide an expert voice in Scrum and other Agile practices
  • Champion continuous improvements of their team, and of the broader group and organisation.

What you'll bring:

  • You're an expert in Agile methodologies, a virtuoso; you have mastered the theory, and have as much real-world experience to back that up
  • Eagle-eyed, highly observant, and strong sense of empathy; you see the smallest things with the big picture in mind, and reflect the facts to the teams and the organisation in pursuit of continuous improvement
  • You are a master facilitator; whether it be conflict resolution, generation of the best idea, or making a recurring event perennially effective, you'll make it happen
  • Organised and highly analytical. You're a metaphorical SM octopus, able to handle multiple teams at various stages of development
  • You're more than a 'people person'; you're a Jedi, possessing level-10 influencing and negotiation skills

It would be great if you also have...

  • Experience in Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)
  • Experience with Agile transformation
  • A CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) or CLP (Certified LeSS Practitioner) certification
  • A bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related fields
  • A strong background in development; good understanding of Software Development
  • Passion for games

If you believe that you are "the one", please feel free to forward your resume by email along with a cover letter to: jobs_sydney@wargaming.net

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

About Wargaming.net:

Wargaming Sydney is the Australian branch of Wargaming.net.

The Sydney office works on the cutting-edge online-game engine called BigWorld Technology, used by Wargaming studios around the world to power games such as World of Tanks, which has over 100 million players.

BigWorld Technology is the product of a creative, dynamic and innovative team working in an environment that is challenging, exciting and constantly evolving.

We offer numerous opportunities for skilled individuals that have strong technical abilities, are passionate about the games industry, and enjoy solving technical and design challenges creatively.

Take a look at our website – www.wargaming.com

Please only apply for this role if you are authorised to work in Australia and hold the correct Visa. Only successful applicants will be contacted.