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Buy Somewhere is the flagship location-based title for the Somewhere New technology platform where the player is on a journey to become a property tycoon. Buy your house, your favourite cafe or even landmarks such as the Sydney Opera house or San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Compete with your friends and family to become the most successful property mogul. We have been working on Somewhere New - a location based gaming technology that pushes forward the possibilities of what location based games can be - for the last three years and are excited to release Buy Somewhere soon.

We are looking for a passionate, experienced Game Designer to help drive forward the vision of the game. Make no mistake - this will be a challenging endeavour. We are dealing with things outside our control - designing a game world that is already all around us, managing new players coming into a world where experienced players are already entrenched and we will be compared to another - quite popular - location based game when we launch.

However, the reward is massive. Working on a well funded, indie phenomenon that we expect to blow competition out of the water. We have built the engine, we have built the tools - now we need you to help wrap it all together.

- Being generally awesome
- Working with other game designers, data experts, developers and the creative director to drive forward the vision
- Define (and build) prototypes, test, refine and provide the information they need to build the game
- Know how much documentation is ‘right’ and make sure everyone has that

World 1-1
- Desire to build a world-first AAA quality title
- Experience in designing and shipping multiple titles
- Able to think holistically to manage constraints and find solutions to problems that have never been tackled
- Understanding of IAP and monetisation gameplay loops
- Quality documentation that can convey the required information to each team that requires it
- A passion for all things gaming
- An understanding if not strong experience with Unity and development pipelines

Bonus Level
- UX and visual design
- Experience with Confluence and JIRA
- Ability to prototype in Unity
- Desire to build a team around you
- Interest in technology and tools
- Any experience with Python / AppEngine
- Experience in QA
- Writing / worldbuilding
- A real knack for numbers - a probability and odds guru

Quest Rewards
- 12 month contract with look to extend
- Pay based on experience
- Did I mention "world first"?
- Opportunities to grow the team and work on subsequent titles

If you feel you can handle this then shoot your resume to jobs@buysomewhere.com. You should provide examples of work you have done in the past whether playable or in video format.