Ex-Blue Tongue developers form Three Phase Interactive, announce Stunt Jumper

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Three Phase Interactive is a new indie games developer and the latest in a recent string of new Melbourne-based small studios to emerge from the ashes of Blue Tongue Entertainment which had sadly closed down in late 2011. Other studios to emerge from Blue Tongue's closure include Pixel Elephant and SmallGreenHill, and all studios are primarily working on the iOS platform.

Pixel Elephant was started in 2011 by four year Senior Blue Tongue engine programmer, Maciej Sawitus, and had a Sokoban inspired game called Puzzled Rabbit released later that year. He's currently working on an unannounced iPhone / iPad game and the teaser image for it on the Pixel Elephant website looks awesome, so check it out at http://www.pixelelephant.com

SmallGreenHill was started by Lewis Mitchell who was previously lead artist at Blue Tongue. His platform puzzler, Ball on a Wall Pocket, was released this month for the iPhone and iPod Touch for an absolute steal at 99cents.

Three Phase Interactive consists of three developers who met at Blue Tongue Entertainment and announced their studio today by revealing their first game, Stunt Jumper. Stunt Jumper promises "realistic, physics-based stunt jumps with cartoony 2D visuals, a Hollywood theme and outrageous vehicle modifications including rocket engines, ejector seats and parachutes" and is heading for a release on the iOS platform in June this year. So who exactly are Three Phase Interactive? Here's some background on the co-founders...

Paul Baker
Paul's passion for playing games and creating mods led him to a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Newcastle and a Diploma of Computer Games Development at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. In 2003, Paul joined Blue Tongue Entertainment as a Software Engineer. He worked on numerous multi-platform action-adventure games, becoming Lead Programmer on the studio’s final, uncompleted game for PS3, X360 and Wii. In 2011, Paul left Blue Tongue to work on game ideas for mobile and tablet platforms, co-founding Three Phase Interactive in 2012.

Chris Burns
Born and raised in Berwick, a suburb in the south east of Victoria, Chris was always into video games as a kid but also creating animations, 3D models and levels for games such as Half-Life and Quake.

After various freelance roles, Chris worked at Blue Tongue Entertainment for almost five years starting off as a Junior Animator and eventually taking responsibility for the rigging and technical side of character development, working on five separate titles across a range of platforms. Since leaving Blue Tongue in 2011, Chris has worked in a range of 3D industries such as landscape architecture and building design, whilst also commencing the 2D animation and art work for Three Phase Interactive’s debut title.

Drew Morrow
Drew was trained in graphic design and illustration, which lead him into the field of pizza delivery for many years. Having achieved everything there was to be achieved there, he went in to working in the pen and paper RPG industry, floundering at several companies. Most recently he was a concept artist and senior artist at Bluetongue Entertainment, before 'leaving' to co-found Three Phase Interactive.