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Diablo III wizard sculpture

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A sculpture I did for the Diablo III Portrait of a Champion contest. It's a female wizard character from the game.

This isn't a digital model created in 3D software, I used super sculpey clay, wire, foil and apoxie sculpt. You can see progress of the sculpture here: http://www.elisemartinson.com/process/week-diablo-iii-sculpture-challenge/

Thanks for looking!


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Gem Mine

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Based of Diablo concept art
Modeled in Maya. The screen shot is taken from Maya. Used some Zbrush for the trees normal map and Crazy Bump for the rest of the normal maps. There are 4 texture maps all 1024 each. Could probably atlas them into one 2048. There is also one 2048 Lightmap.

More at my portfolio - blakedwan.weebly.com



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