La Trobe University

GT Workshop on Multi-player Platform Game Gesign at La Trobe University

Mon, 02/14/2005 (All day)

A Games Technology Workshop will be held from Monday the 14th to Friday the 18th of February 2005 in the Games Technology Lab at La Trobe University. The purpose is to build a multiplayer platform game by team development. No background required and you will have development software to use. Enquiries 9479-1374, more details at the following link!

La Trobe Games Technology Research Lab website

Lorien has passed on the news that a new website is up on the game development courses offered at Latrobe University. You can find all the latest news, subjects, staff and research details, along with loads of other things as well. So if you're interested in studying game development in Victoria, be sure to check it out!

Summer Course in Advanced C++ Programming

This full fee course covers advanced programming features of the ANSI C++ standard such as throw-catch, operator overloading, advanced streams, function pointers, singletons,?partial class templating, function objects, STL usage, locales, mutable keywords?and wrappers. The course will also emphasize aspects of C++ coding important to the games industry such as profiling code usage, debugging facilities in the IDE, coding efficiency and preventing memory leaks.

The course consists of an intensive sequence of?26 lectures and 20 hands-on laboratory classes over five weeks.