Shader TD - Luma Pictures - Melbourne

Are you a Shader TD?

You Can

- Artistically and technically lookdev
- Create efficient and out-of-the-box rendering solutions for a wide variety of assets including fur, natural phenomena, hard surface, etc.
- Understand the different concepts and creative use of shading, rendering, color, photography, etc.
- Also Texture and Light as needed

You Have

Mid Pipeline TD - Luma Pictures - Melbourne

Are you a Mid Pipeline TD?

You Can:

- Learn and extend the pipeline
- Develop tools that make artists happy
- Identify and automate inefficient or redundant tasks

You Have:

- 3+ years industry experience
- Master knowledge of python
- In-depth knowledge of PyQT or PySide
- Good UI design sense
- Experience using databases
- Expert problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
- Experience with Maya and/or Nuke
- Communication skills
- Time management skills


UI & Gameplay Programmer (Full time, in house) - Wymac Gaming Solutions

Wymac Gaming Solutions is seeking an EXPERIENCED Gameplay and UI Programmer to join our 30 human dev team an Oakleigh, Melbourne.

We are embarking on a new PC/ touch/ custom hardware game for which you will be the sole programmer for the vast majority of the project. Working in Unity with C# you will develop the game system alongside a producer (yours truly), 2 designers, a concept artist and a 3D artist, also interfacing with our back end/ system programmers to integrate our economy/ math modelling software into the front end game.

Full Stack Web Developer / Software Engineer - Laravel & PHP

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 16:45

FGMNT Technology is seeking a full stack web developer to join the team in developing and deploying new SaaS solutions. The successful applicant will work with the FGMNT team, developing web infrastructure to enable deep offerings in the augmented and virtual reality space, and to support the deployment and promotion of existing products.

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to develop new solutions to new problems. They will be a creative thinker, prototyper, and enthusiastic collaborator with the capacity to turn new ideas into functional products.

Quality Assurance Lead

Zero Latency is the pioneer and global leader in free-roam, warehouse-scale, multi-player, virtual reality gaming. The Melbourne, Australia, based company, with game arenas on four continents, is fusing creativity and technology to build the most immersive experiences on earth.

Zero Latency is seeking a highly motivated Quality Assurance (QA) Lead to join our software team. This team is responsible for creating software across the web, game content and our core systems.