Very Short Term 2D Art Position at PlayBit Entertainment

Job Position: 

Hi everyone, Chris here from Play-Bit Entertainment.

We’re near wrapping up an iOS project and in need of a 2D artist to take the current UI layout we’ve created and create a fun and polished art-pass to it.

The workload of this project is very small in scale and would take about 1-2 weeks of full time work to complete. This short-term position would be an excellent way for any art student or post-grad to gain some solid experience and accreditation in making game art. We’re also offering a small monetary payment for your time spent.

The kind of art being created will be UI based, so art elements like information displays, menus, buttons and some illustration work as well. Artwork will need to be digitally done so photoshop or equivalent experience is a necessity.

The artwork requirements are completely 2D based so no 3D artist applications please. Please include a few samples of your best 2D work.

Please e-mail your applications to chriswatts{at}

Thanks everyone!


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The position has been filled. Thanks everyone! :)