Game Designer opening at Krome Studios

Job Position: 

Krome Studios is Australia’s largest game development studio, boasting 7 project teams, over 250 talented employees and an increasing presence in the worldwide game development industry.

Recently ranked as number 57 in Develop 100 world's most successful games development studios, Krome has many impressive titles under our belt, including TY the Tasmanian Tiger™, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii, PS2 and PSP), Scene It? Box Office Smash! (Xbox360), Game room (XBox), and coming soon... Blade Kitten.

With some great unannounced titles in development, we are looking for a Game Designer for our Melbourne studio. This person will work initially with a senior designer to develop a design which brings to life an intriguing online multi-user game to life.

We’re offering a fast-paced, creative career for someone talented and adventurous.

The things we are looking for in our new Kroman:

Experience & Qualifications you need:

- Minimum 2 years experience in a similar game design role
- Tertiary education in art, literacy, design or related discipline
- Experience in 3D packages
- Experience using scripting languages

Responsibilities of the Game Designer at Krome:

- Provide game ideas that strengthen and support game vision
- Maintain and represent a strong vision, understanding and direction of the design throughout product development and delivery
- Write clear, concise and accurate documentation to a design specification
- Provide accurate design profiles to artists and programmers to ensure appropriate interpretation of design specifications
- Maintain and update design documentation when necessary
- Provide written feedback on implemented features to all relevant parties and communicate verbally any required changes
- Ensure that all design changes laid down by the senior or lead designer, through ad-hoc and formal meetings, are implemented accurately and in a timely manner
- Ensure work is completed to specified timeline
- Regularly play-test game builds and highlight issues, where appropriate
- Promote and explain game vision to other team members
- Ensure that personal work is meeting all standards (checking work, check-in procedures, build checklists etc)
- Ensure a professional manner in all communications
- Work through priorities and meet deadlines set by the Lead Designer
- Provide written feedback on implemented features to all relevant parties and communicate verbally any required changes
- Skills & Knowledge we are looking for:
- Strong conceptual skills
- Creative writing experience
- Ability to generate clear graphical representations of design elements and to initiate, maintain and distribute design documents
- Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
- Excellent people and communication skills
- Level design skills (using level editors)
- Highly motivated with the ability and desire to collaborate within a highly creative environment

In return for your commitment and loyalty, Krome Studios offer a competitive salary, development opportunities and flexible working hours. Benefits available to all staff include fruit baskets, subsidised health insurance, beer and pizza on Fridays and much more!

Please send a copy of your resume and cover letter to:

For any further information on this position, please call Emma on 03 9867 0739


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Very strange that they are looking for a new Designer after letting go of at least of a couple in the last spate of redundancies in Melbourne.

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Isn't that illegal?

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I believe it would be only if they haven't offered the positions to game designers they have recently made redundant. AFAIK a company can also advertise at the same time as offering people their jobs back (assuming any game designers were even made redundant in the first place).

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I may be incorrect but I think there were no actual designers let go in Melbourne, only level designers. While the right level designer could become a good designer it is not the same role by any means.

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But in no way is that surprising (if indeed Designers were let go). Krome had a fresh round of newbies ready to fill the seats on the same day many were let go. Literally, new recruits were found standing behind those that had been made redundant whilst they were still packing up their desks. Terribly handled but hey, shit happens.

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Guys, please read my thread regarding discussion on job threads...

You are more than welcomed to open up a new thread about this particular issue.