2d/3d Artist Required for Webstrike Solutions

Job Position: 

Webstrike Solutions is seeking an enthusiastic artist to work with a small team on a new game project. We intend to have a prototype to present to publishers in 12 months.

The position is based in Melbourne (Aspendale).

Salary will be 35k + 6% royalties.

The successful applicant will be talented, organised, hard working and motivated. With a well rounded set of skills to take on various artistic jobs and a drive to succeed.

Ideally an experienced game artist is what we are seeking, however, this is not a pre-requisite and if you have the skills and are looking to enter the gaming arena please apply.

Necessary skills include: Concept Art, Texturing and some experience in High and Low Polygonal Modelling for Normal Mapping. Any level design skills are also a bonus.

If you are at all interested and believe you have the necessary skills please contact Will at willk@webstrikesolutions.com to get a copy of the Game Design document (you will need to sign and fax an NDA to 03 95882278 which can be downloaded at

Each key member of the team will have a royalties stake in the product, this makes up for the relatively low wage, and also gives the team added incentive to produce an excellent product.

Thank you.


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Tried to email, but was "rejected by the recipient domain."

Is there something wrong with the email address? Or has it been taken down?