Tools Developer for Immersive Technologies


- World Leading Dynamic Company
- Strong Team Environment
- Innovative, Technologically Advanced Product

Immersive Technologies are a world leader in the rapidly growing area of training simulators and have revolutionised the way the global Mining Industry now trains its operators, with customers experiencing significant improvements in their productivity, reduced reactive maintenance and safety.

Due to the continued growth and success of Immersive Technologies an opportunity exists for a Tools Developer to join this dynamic, technologically advanced company.

Position Description
To undertake the development of maintaining and upgrading software tools and provide software knowledge associated with graphics for the Visual Database Department (VDB) under the direction of the VDB Department Manager. It also requires input in accurate project scopes, mandate and code documentation and implementation.

- To ensure the quality of constant upgrades to VDB development tools are met with minimal risk to production workflow.
- Provide a better Graphical User Interface (GUI) for VDB developers with capabilities of implementing new features when required.
- Provide realistic mandate quotes with milestones on projects.
- Provide successful technical outcomes and support.

Position Requirements
Formal education:
Diploma or University Degree in Computer Science or similar computer programming education, or equivalent level of work experience exhibited by resume & references.
Work experience:
- Senior software engineer. Preferably in the simulation industry or equivalent.
- An advance understanding of computer graphics and simulation technology principles
- Experience working with XML and scripts
- C++ and Windows programming
- Sound knowledge of tools development

Practical/Specialist skills:
- Knowledge of DirectX 8 - 9.
- Experience in development of complex shaders
- 3 - 5 years commercial experience in C++
- 1 -2 years development experience within the gaming industry
- 1 - 2 years experience in 3D Studio Max

- Interest in Computer Technology and Graphics
- Experience in the Mining Industry
- 2 or more years development experience within the simulation industry or equivalent

Don't miss this real opportunity to join our young dynamic company to develop your career!

A Federal Police Clearance is required from all employees commencing work at Immersive Technologies Pty Ltd.

Please submit your resume to:

Human Resources Department
Immersive Technologies
66 Hasler Road
Osborne Park
WA, 6017

+61 8 9347 9000


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  • 1. Aek - Tue, 15 May 2007 13:9:7Z
    I am a software engineer here (and the submitter of the ad). This company is really a great place to work, we have regular gaming nights, casual work environment, good social events (go karting/paintball/beer & pizza night). You will get to work on interesting/challenging stuff and not have insane hours. We also offer things like personal project time for software engineers (after probation period), similar to what google does, so you can spend friday arvo working on projects of your choice or reading technical books etc
  • 2. Mick - Tue, 15 May 2007 15:13:27Z
    I would trade all that in for professional managers, succesful outcomes, cool projects and a chance to go home and get on with my life. I don't live to work.
  • 3. Aek - Tue, 15 May 2007 19:13:52Z
    Your right, the things I listed as "benefits".. well not everyone cares about that stuff.

    I believe we also have the qualities you listed. Some of the developers prefer to get in early and leave at 4 to spend time with their children. We have a good work life balance (ie professional management), rock solid job security (ie. we are very successful and the established world leader in the mining training industry) and many other benefits.

    Geez I sound like a HR fanboi. Which I am not :)

  • 4. Archer - Tue, 15 May 2007 21:11:5Z
    Firstly, I don't work at this company and know nothing about them. But in general little benefitss like that are a small but fair indicator of a company's treatment of their staff, in my experience anyway. Companies that make small, consistent gestures to their staff are generally good ones and the morale boost it gives to the average worker is a benefit to the organization as a whole. I'm really amazed that some places seem so ignorant of this, and are more scared of spending a few bucks short term.

    Of course some companies only use these incentives when crunch times roll around and as soon as they're over, so are your benefits. I've worked for a few of them before and I find that kind of carrot dangling patronizing, it feels like they're trying to pay your overtime with food and toys more than anything. (Not that I'm even suggesting this company does that).

    I find it refreshing to see a company talk about the smaller things they offer their employees. After all, anyone can talk shit about how great their company is and how cutting edge their projects are. Although needless to say, you'll never know what a place is really like until you go for an interview and finally when you start working there.

    Also, Mick. You should take more time to read the guy's post. He does mention a few of your points in his original statement...