3D Environment Artist, Animator, Visual FX artist for Fuzzyeyes


3D Environment Artist for Fuzzyeyes

FUZZYEYES is looking for exceptionally skilled 3D Environment Artists, Animator and Special Effect Artist for an announced PC/PS3/XBOX360 project.

The successful candidates must have exceptional skill in game industry and must be well versed in these tools – 3D Studio Max, Maya and Photoshop. The ability to work effectively in a team is highly regarded.

3D Environment Artist

Job Type: Full time

Job Description/Responsibilities:
• To produce art assets as directed both by the Art Director and Art Lead on a variety of production tasks
• Work within a collaborative team environment
• Develop the design and artistic vision of the video game in variety of genres, refine and translate the ideas into workable in-game assets.
• Create workable designs that will enhance the creation of gameplay in the video game.
• To follow project standards for workflow pipelines and organization of assets.

Required Skills/Experience:
• 2+ years experience or the equivalent of one (1) or more published titles.
• BFA or equivalent skill level as demonstrated in portfolio.
• Skills in drawing, with the ability to produce high-quality, imaginative concept art and professional storyboards.
• Practical art skills with a healthy understanding of the fundamentals of art and design.
• Strong skills in Photoshop.
• Advanced understanding of 3dsMax or Maya.
• Strongly self-motivated personality.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills .
• Be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure .
• Experience in creating concept artwork for games is a plus .
• Level editing knowledge in a known game engine an advantage.
• Must have good knowledge in Unreal Engine Experience.

To Apply:
Please send your resume to:
hr@fuzzyeyes.com or P.O.BOX 3281, Sunnybank South, QLD 4109, Australia
For further information please contact via email.


Job Type: Full Time

Job Description/Responsibilities:
• Report to Lead Animator.
• Produce high quality animations based on the Lead Animator and Art Director’s aesthetic and technical descriptions (written and verbal).
• Demonstrate a broad range of character animation skills, including a deep understanding of the animation principles and how to best employ them in creating content that supports both the characters and story goals of the game.
• Meet project deadlines/milestones, as set by project leads.
• Actively promote and communicate sound solutions to technical and design issues related to animation.
• Be ready and willing to change work “on the fly” as additional direction is received from the lead animator.
• Collaborate effectively with Art leads during art review session with the result of achieving the finest artistic look possible.
• Problem solving and consistent solution provision for technical issues related to animation.

Required Skills/Experience:
• 2+ years experience as an animator in the game industry.
• Prior experience or training in traditional cell animation techniques.
• Strongly prefer experience with motion capture as well as key framed data.
• Experience animating characters with character studio, Maya, and Motion Builder.
• Experience with game tool chains.
• Concrete knowledge of core animation principles (weighting, timing, etc).
• Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
• A passion for gaming.
• Experience creating animations for action games a plus.
• Experience with Unreal Engine is a plus.

To Apply:
Please send your resume to:
hr@fuzzyeyes.com or P.O.BOX 3281, Sunnybank South, QLD 4109, Australia
For further information please contact via email.

Effects Artist in general

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description/Responsibilities:

• Design, create, and implement a wide variety of real-time special effects.
• Create particle, geometry, and texture effects that simulate explosions, muzzle flashes, smoke, fire, steam, fog, etc.
• Work closely with programming team to implement effects.
• Work in a dynamic team environment where individual effort is critical to a successful project.

General Job Summary
• Create character and world based special effects for a 3rd person action adventure title
• Assist in setting and maintaining visual standards for gameplay and art direction.
• Work closely with the Art Director to establish look and feel.
• Maintain milestones and production quality.
• Define effect requirements for character, weapons, world ambience, weather and props and create general special effects

Required Skills/Experience:
• A minimum of 3 years creating real-time special effects for video games.
• Expert-level skills in Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.
• Expert-level skills in 3D graphics, particle systems, and shaders.
• Excellent sense of scale, detail, form and texture.
• Strong understanding of Maya and other related 3D software packages.
• Ability to quickly master proprietary tools and development processes.
• Ability to design, self-direct, and organize your work.
• Ability to quickly understand in-house tools and provide feedback on improving pipelines and tool sets.
• Ability to work within a specific style set by the Art Director.
• Strong sense of particle effects
• Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
• Must have experience creating effects in Unreal Engine.

To Apply:
Please send your resume to:
hr@fuzzyeyes.com or P.O.BOX 3281, Sunnybank South, QLD 4109, Australia
For further information please contact via email.


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One of the Effects Artist responsibilities is:
• General Job Summary

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Looks like a small mistake in the job ad they sent. I've fixed it up.