Sound Designer opening at Transmission Games

Job Position: 

We are seeking a Sound Designer to join Transmission Games, a Melbourne based developer. We are currently working three next gen (PS3, XBox360) titles, in the sports, flight and action genres.

Reporting to the Producer and taking direction from the design team, the Sound Designer will be responsible for designing sound to enhance the overall feel of the game-play experience.

The ideal applicant will have the ability to communicate and articulate a sound design vision to the audio programmer(s) and the rest of the team in the form of documentation, verbal communication and demonstration. You will also be able to work independently and show initiative, but also take direction and constructive criticism.

The role:
• Use tools to implement and mix dynamic, adaptive sound in the game.
• Research and develop ways to maximize the creative potential of the sound design within specified technical constraints.
• Be responsible for the organisation and maintenance of the game's audio assets.
• Give input on any technical or design decisions that may affect the sound design or the audio production schedule.
• Ensure quality control over any externally produced audio, and manage integration of the same.
• Monitor the current state of the game audio, and 'sign off' on the audio for milestones and demo builds.
• Keep abreast of current trends in the field of sound design.

• Experience with using audio editing software and middleware programs, Pro-tools, Sound-Forge, FMOD
• Degree in sound design/music engineering or equivalent desirable
• Understand the fundamentals and application of compression and acoustics for game audio
• Record/design dialogue and sound effects for the game

Location: Melbourne
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Permanent
Salary: Salary negotiable dependent upon experience
To apply please send your resume to


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Anyone know if this position has been filled

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I've been hanging for nearly a month now.

Please does anyone know, Has this job been taken.

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very weird.

It;s exactly 1 month, +2 hours or so since I first posted.

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look at the dates of the first 2 posts

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...and with a pitch like that, you can't fail!

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hmmm... im new here... I don't see any registration tab...

anyways, if u like that music please email me at

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