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2D Artist/Animator Wanted For Indie Project

Job Position

Hi there,

My name's Tristan Clark. I'm currently developing a casual indie title (ie. one that will be sold online) for PC, and am in need of a skilled 2D graphics artist.

For some brief info on the game itself, you can check out an old design document here:

My previous artist had too many other things on, and so couldn't continue working on this project. I'd love to have someone else from NZ work on this. As you can see, the current style is somewhat cartoony:

I need someone who can create graphics either in a similar vein (animated sprites etc), or possibly pre-rendered 3D images - I'm a bit sceptical on that one, but it works quite nicely in games like Wik

Here's a rather old mockup of the basic concept of the game, to give you a better idea of what it'll be like:

You would need to be able to do everything from backgrounds to drawings to animated sprites. Payment will be a mixture of upfront money and royalties - which is certainly not ideal, but I'm afraid it's the best I can offer! If you are interested, send me an email at with a link to some of your work, and maybe a paragraph or two discussing your thoughts on what the graphics could look like.