Sound Designer needed for Game Audio Australia (Contract)

Job Position: 

Game Audio Australia is seeking a talented sound designer to help create a rich and immersive world for a new 360/PS3/PC title being developed with Unreal Engine 3. Implementation skills are not necessary as the successful applicant will only be required to create and submit audio assets.

Preferably, an individual applying for this position will be living in Australia and be legally able to conduct business within Australia, but exceptions will be made for the right candidate. Please note that this is a sound design position only and does not include any musical production.

-- Create and deliver AAA-quality audio assets in accordance with the game's direction.
-- Assist Audio Director in developing a unique, rich and high-quality soundscape for the game.
-- Work from your own studio, to a budget, and provide all requested work on time.

A candidate does:
-- Not need to have prior credits but must be able to produce AAA-quality audio assets.
-- Not need to have any form of tertiary qualification.

To apply for this contract applicants must complete the following:
Step 1 – Below are links to two different videos. Choose one, or both if inclined, and create a soundscape (without music) that best demonstrates your ability as a sound designer. We're looking for creativity, quality, mixing ability, originality and general professionalism.
Video 01 –
Video 02 -

Step 2 – Deliver the completed video/s to jobs[at]gameaudioaustralia[dot]com (FTP/HTML links are preferred, but email attachments are also accepted.). Please include information about yourself, your experience, your DAW, etc.

Applications will not be accepted after June 12th, 2008.


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Has this position been filled yet?

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It can't hurt to submit anyway.

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Unfortunately, this position has been filled and we're not accepting any more application at this time. However, we're more than happy to provide specific feedback on your demo if you wish.

Mick Gordon
Game Audio Australia