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3D Art Generalist

Job Position
Submitted by HAB Studio on Fri, 12/08/16 - 8:49 AM Permalink


My name is Hay Wie and live in Sydney. I'm 2D/3D artist/generalist with 9 years experience. Are you guys looking for freelancer 2D/3D artist? Please look at my portfolio here

Looking forward to hear you back. My mobile 0449112498 or email

Kind regards

Hay Wie

Our ideal candidate is an artist who is a highly creative, multi-talented person who wants be a part of close-knit development team where every member is involved in all aspects of our project's creation. This artist will create a wide variety of 3D game content using 3DS Max.

We believe that a small, focused, and dedicated team of talented people can create exceptional games.


- Create high quality 3D assets that adhere to the art direction and style established for the project, within memory and technical constraints.
- Work with art director, programmers and designers to plan, layout, prototype, and implement the visual designs created for the game.
- Able to work independently or in small groups to troubleshoot and provide solutions to production issues related to asset creation, animation and world building.
- Collaborate directly with programmers to create and implement assets within an established pipeline.
- Provide feedback or direction to external artists where necessary.


- 3+ years experience in the game industry with at least one shipped title.
- Advanced 3D skills using 3DS Max or Maya. Experience using 3DS Max is a plus.
- Highly proficient using Adobe Photoshop to create original textures.
- ZBrush or Mudbox experience.
- Unity 3D experience, including creation of particle systems and other visual effects.
- Skilled in character rigging, skinning and animation.
- Quickly learn and adapt to art and production pipelines.
- Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
- Self-motivated individual with a willingness to continue learning .
- Strong portfolio showcasing your most recent work.


- Technical artist experience using Unity 3D for creating real-time shaders and developing editor tools.
- Traditional art skills (figure drawing, landscape, animals, painting, composition, perspective, colour, lighting, etc.).
- Experience using Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator in combination with Unity 3D for user interface design and implementation.