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Pandemic Studios Jobs

Posted by souri on Mon, 09/09/02 - 8:26 AM

From PC Powerplay at

Pandemic Studios Pty Ltd is the Australian arm of US based Pandemic Studios, they have developed products for EA, Sony, Lucas Arts and Activision amongst others.

Pandemic are looking for a number of people as they step up development on another project. The project is a character driven game on a next generation console.


"In a CG animation role, we need someone to be the leading influence in both creating animation and guiding others.
We are looking for someone with an understanding of and proven experience in both 3D and traditional character animation. They will need the demonstrated ability to turn a character into a living personality.
Ideally they will have experience in film and in creating expressive and dynamic lines of action, facial animation, and complex character rigs."

But they also have positions available within a team of animators.

Animation Programmer:

"We need someone who has first-rate experience with character animation programming and 3DS Max exporters and plug-ins.
They need to be highly proficient in C++ and have a minimum of 2 years programming experience, preferably on consoles.
Prior experience in 3d graphics or special effects programming a plus."

Still here? good, heres one more for you......

Visual Design / Lighting Technical Director:

"We need an obsessive eye for detail for lighting and scene composition, preferably with experience in animated film.
This position's start date is not yet determined and may be part time subject to requirements."