Problem posting pictures


I'm having problems uploading my big pictures to my profile.

I use the step by step method in the profile "admin functions"

I go to the "Members service" than click the "ADD NEWS TO YOUR JOURNAL * STEP-BY-STEP" link.

It takes me to the next page and I continue. I have my 800x600 jpg no bigger than 150K and my 100x63 jpg. I upload my thumbnail, it confirms its there. I upload my details and 800x600jpg gets confirmed. Go back to the main Admin function page to preview my post through the last link and than logg off.

Go back to the main Sumea page and click my link but only the small jpg shows. The larger image has an empty space and the little white box with the red X in it.

Any suggestions?

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I've had a look at what you uploaded, and I can see you've named your files incorrectly..


Large images should be named exactly as the thumbnails, but with an L.jpg at the end.. Something like this would do:

212_lowpoly_creep_WIP.jpg (thumbnail)
212_lowpoly_creep_WIPL.jpg (large image)

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Can they be deleted by me somehow? The ones that are on there?

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At the moment, no.. If you upload a pic and you've made it the wrong filesize (too big) or wrong dimensions, go to the edit news section, and reupload a fixed file with the same filename. It'll write over the old one.

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what if you delete the entry? does that delete the images?

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