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UI / UX Designer (Mid - Senior)

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Grease Monkey Games

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Wednesday, 21 April, 2021 - 4:41 PM
Job Position:


Grease Monkey Games has a wonderful opportunity for a UI / UX designer to join our growing studio in Brunswick, Melbourne!  We are currently enjoying a period of unprecedented growth with a burgeoning player base and product pipeline and we would love for a creative, passionate and talented UI / UX designer to become a key part of that growth.

As our UI / UX designer you are passionate about the player and have a strong empathy for their experience. You understand that the UI is the player’s gateway into the game world and all it can offer, and you have the skills, talent, creativity and breadth of experience to ensure that they are enabled to both enjoy the game in all its forms while being drawn to monetisation opportunities for the business. You naturally take ownership of UI / UX opportunities and have the confidence to advocate for and defend the integrity of the player experience when it is compromised. You also have strong communication and interpersonal skills which allow you to work alongside not only the design team, but team members from other development disciplines as well.

Before applying for this position, please take a moment to check out our current Torque Drift social media channels and have a play of Torque Drift on the app store or on PC to see what we’re all about!

YouTube: Torque Drift


Key Responsibilities:

  • Research and create user personas and user journeys / stories.
  • Create new UI designs as required for new features or new games.
  • Refactor existing designs for games already on the market for new or changed requirements.
  • Create effective and easy to follow documentation and diagrams to describe and illustrate designs and user flow.
  • Work closely with game designers to ensure that game and UI / UX design decisions are complementary to each other.
  • Work closely with QA and Social Media managers to gauge player sentiment towards the player experience and UI and react accordingly in design decisions.
  • Identify and take ownership of UI / UX opportunities to enhance the player experience in the UI.


  • 2+ years working professionally as UI/UX designer in the video game industry.
  • At least 1 shipped title
  • Experience building UI / UX design diagrams and documents that allow readers to clearly visualise the user experience and coders to build UI’s accurately.
  • Ability to take a concept from inception to build ready and own the process.
  • Solid understanding of free-to-play game monetisation and game economies
  • Familiarity with general UI / UX design techniques and paradigms used in free to play games to both enable player enjoyment and service monetisation.
  • Ability to design for various devices including mobile (both IOS and Android makes and models), PC and console.
  • Ability to design for multiple control schemes (eg, keyboard, touch screen, controller, etc).
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Love working in team environments.
  • Positive attitude towards constructive feedback.
  • Collaboration skills.
  • Up to date with industry trends / standards in UI / UX design, especially in games.
  • An awareness of player psychology / behaviours and how they pertain to UX design.


  • Ability to create UI’s for use in either Unity or Unreal
  • Familiarity with programs such as the Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, as well as bug tracking software like Jira
  • Familiarity with Torque Drift’s genre and the types of UI’s that best service that genre.
  • A short term start date or immediate.

Wage range:
Negotiable based on experience.

About Grease Monkey Games:
Grease Monkey Games (Formerly League Of Monkeys) was established in 2013 and consists of over 25 talented artists, developers, designers, UI /  UX and producers based in our Brunswick studio in Melbourne.
Founder and CEO Arran Potter has a rich heritage of experience in creating visual effects and video games, working on high profile commercials and films dating back to the early 2000s. After moving from a contract based company to solely developing original IP games in 2014, our games have been downloaded more than 45 Million times from people all over the world.

We pride ourselves in designing high-quality video games for passionate audiences with a focus on ‘Fun first’.

  • We’re always striving to create the best workplace for our employees possible including:
  • Optional 2 days work from home per week.
  • Flexible work start and end times.
  • Friday night drinks and events with other video game studios.
  • Company organised ‘Learn to drift’ days and trips to the snow.
  • Dog friendly studio (Checkout the about page on our website to see some of our cute studio pups)

Inclusive and creative environment where everyone gets a say. (No matter your experience level or department)

To apply please contact with an intro and resume.