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Level / Puzzle Designer

Authored by

Lamplight Forest

Authored on

Wednesday, 11 August, 2021 - 8:12 AM
Job Position:

Lamplight Forest / Orchid of Redemption is looking for an Australia-based (pref Adelaide) work-for-hire / freelance puzzle-level designer for an upcoming sokoban (grid-based puzzle) game.

Mostly work-from-home with some in-person if you're in Adelaide

  • Experience with puzzle/level design of sokobans or similar styles of grid-based puzzle games is essential. If you have created your own puzzlescript or similar games, that's awesome, please link them in your email
  • If you've shipped a grid-based puzzle game that's even better
  • Unity experience is a plus, but not essential if your puzzle-portfolio is strong
  • Environment art skills (in terms of set-dressing) are a BIG plus - i.e. if you can set-dress a level to match the style of its puzzles that's brilliant
  • Coding experience not required
  • A portfolio demonstrating your works is essential. Please do not get in touch without one. Playable is best, video is also good