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Freelance 3D artists [POSITIONS FILLED]

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Jump Punch Kick

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Tuesday, 9 August, 2022 - 9:45 PM
Job Position:

Jump Punch Kick is a small indie team from Wellington, New Zealand. We are looking for a talented freelance 3D character artist to contribute characters and enemy models to our game Hour of Reckoning — a co-operative top-down shooter for PC.

We’re currently in the prototype phase and beginning to replace our functional placeholder graphics with cool stylised characters and enemies. That’s where you come in…

Location: Remote

Position: Paid short-term freelance (potentially ongoing)

What you bring:

  • Solid 3d character modelling and texturing skills with experience in the high-to-low poly modelling pipeline
  • Technical understanding of current asset workflows, shaders/materials, and engine capabilities.
  • Experience in creating stylised/hand-painted characters and enemies (see image)
  • Strong communication skills and self-management. We’re looking for someone who can take direction but work autonomously.
  • Able to create high-quality game-ready models and experience in setting up assets for Unreal Engine
  • Able to interpret existing concept art and splice it with a bit of your creativity as well.

Bonus points:

  • Experience in creating characters/enemies for top-down perspective or MOBA style games
  • Rigging and/or animation would be a major plus - but definitely not necessary.
  • Passion for colourful stylised Sci-fi

This short-term contract is suited to:

  • An experienced 3d artist, who has time for a bit of work on the side (or is between contracts). We can offer a lot of flexibility for the right person.
  • A talented junior/graduate who wants to get paid and increase their experience on their way to the ‘next step’.   
  • Someone who enjoys making stylised character assets (see the render of one of our existing characters)

How to apply:

Send an email to with the title “Freelance 3D artist application”. Please include your CV and a link to your portfolio reel. Preference will be given to portfolios that have examples of stylised artwork.

NOTE: This position has been filled as of Monday 12th September. If you are a freelance 3D artist with experience in creating stylised 3d assets, you are welcome to submit your portfolio and we'll contact you if we need more artists