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UI/UX Designer @ League of Geeks

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Friday, 9 December, 2022 - 3:36 PM

At League of Geeks we're passionate about creating beautiful, elegant and compelling user experiences and we're looking for a UI/UX designer with an artistic flair, driven by the desire to champion frictionless, accessible and engaging user-interfaces in a highly creative team.

We believe user interface should never be a secondary consideration during development, but carefully integrated into a game's experience and design from day one. If interface design is your passion, great icon design is in your blood, and if you really light up when you hear terms such as ‘gestalt' or 'diegetic’, then we want to work with you!

As two-time Australian Studio of the Year, we are committed to building one of the best working environments in the world, with a genuine focus on well being, skill development, and the correct ratio of pot plants to humans. If you’re keen to work with one of the world’s leading independent studios on two brand new, exciting PC/console projects, we'd love to hear from you!

This fixed-term position for a maximum term of 12 months. Although this is a temporary position, you will be making a big contribution to the culture of the studio during a very lively time of development!

Women and other underrepresented developers, please apply! We pride ourselves on our inclusive work environment and output, so we’d love to work with you.


  • Demonstrable experience both designing, and executing on, videogame interfaces.
  • Strong graphic design skills and experience - developing icons, logos, interface layout and typography.
  • Strong understanding of UI and UX theory.
  • High proficiency in role-relevant software such as Photoshop, Figma etc.
  • Ability to apply yourself and adapt to differing art styles.
  • Ability to work independently; managing time, task lists and workflow with ease.
  • Detail sensitivity, a proven aesthetic eye and strong design sensibilities.
  • Excellent communication, creative collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • A commitment to working in a professional, inclusive and supportive environment.


  • Take ownership of the game interface designs, wireframes, menus, and create UI elements that match the functional and artistic goals of the project.
  • Articulate and shepherd complicated design and artistic discussions and reviews to reach objective outcomes that balance form and function.
  • Develop and maintain relevant documentation that clearly communicates concepts to our multidisciplinary team.
  • Collaborate with other departments, ensuring positive communication and creative problem-solving between disciplines, especially in bridging Design and Art to deliver UI and UX.
  • Work with the tools and in-game editor to implement UI assets and iterate on them to fine-tune our UX.
  • Conceptualise and help develop graphic design assets for static and video marketing of our projects and company.
  • Participate in the greater game creation process by being part of design and artistic discussions.
  • Analyse game data and user feedback to extract insights and improvements for our game.
  • Conduct research into industry best practices and solutions to support our UI and UX initiatives.


  • Weekly bring-your-dog-to-work. Yeah, dogs!
  • Talent development, mentorship and support.
  • Regular self-directed professional development days.
  • Flexible work arrangement opportunities and family-friendly considerations.
  • Menstrual, Menopause and Parental leave.
  • Sustainable working hours, environment and life-work balance, including a no-crunch policy.
  • Friday afternoon team social events.
  • Annual Summer family picnic, Winter Feast and Melbourne Games Week party.
  • Located in Melbourne, Australia. World’s most liveable city seven years in a row.