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Job Position

emergeWorlds creates inspiring game experiences.

Our studio of talented artists, designers and developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in game design. We incorporate the latest technology to enrich our storytelling abilities working closely with leading brands in training, education and healthcare.

We are looking for a talented Unity3D games programmer to come on as a contractor and work from our Brisbane studio in Teneriffe.

Essential requirements:
3 years demonstrated knowledge of Unity3D and C# coding standards
Understanding of game design principles and player experience
Ability to work in a team environment
Flexibility to work on a number of different projects as required
Understanding of 3D modeling, animation, shaders and lighting
Experience with virtual reality and augmented reality will be highly regarded
Knowledge of ipisoft, leap motion and kinect workflows will also be highly regarded
Experience with version control systems (GiT)

We think you have:
A love for game design and new ways of thinking
An open mind to accepting new challenges as they arise and problem solving
A desire to work with cutting edge technology in VR, AR and motion capture
A passion for creating amazing game experiences
A team-player looking to collaborate and share their skills

We are looking forward to receiving your resume and portfolio, please email:

Job Position

Real Serious Games is world leading in creating interactive, useful, accurate virtual worlds, enabling anyone to activate a new level of understanding. We do this by creating interactive virtual worlds, forensic animations, custom interactive software solutions, serious games and virtual reality experiences on PC and mobile devices.

We are seeking a Producer to join our team to deliver Virtual Reality Experiences and other custom software products.

You will be enthusiastic, friendly and adaptable. You must be a dedicated, self-motivated and committed to working to delivering projects on time, on budget and to a high standard. You should be prepared to learn on the job at a fast pace.

Good communication skills are essential, as is a minimum of 3 years' professional experience in a similar role.

Key Responsibilities

Process development, documentation, implementation and monitoring
Schedule and budget development and control
Task creation, delegation and tracking in an Agile Environment
Communication between teams and projects
Facilitation of design workshops
Understanding and translation of client and stakeholder content
Development of game and level design documents and specifications
Other Requirements

Take direction from Senior Managers and work closely with Team Leaders to deliver projects
Be self-motivated, and possess the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new processes
Have excellent communication, interpersonal and organisational skills
Possess creative problem-solving skills
Have excellent attention to detail
Work well under pressure, on multiple simultaneous projects and within tight deadlines
Be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
Experience in any of the following areas is desirable but not compulsory

Scrum master experience
Game design
3D modelling
Post production

Please send applications to

Job Position

RSG are in need of a Character animator to create/clean up approximately 50 small animation loops/clips for an upcoming VR project.

We have blocked out the base animation for our scenes, saved in 3DSMAX biped.
The animation will require creating and refining up to 50 small animation loops such as simple movements like gestures, picking up items and using equipment.

All animations are individually saved in their own 3dsmax files.
Placement, blending, and final timing will all be done in a game engine.

Example animation descriptions:
* walking with a cup of coffee.
* leaned up against a pole, talking on the phone.
* holds a hand up to his mouth, holding coffee in other.
* chopping vegetables

The project needs to be completed by 07 June 2018.

Please send all applications with a link to show reel showing character animation to

Job Position

About the business
Bondi Labs is a start-up developer whose mission is to enhance human decision-making by developing people-centric intelligent visual technologies.

Skills Training & Assessment
Engaging simulations and assessments take your training beyond knowledge retention to enhance human decision making.

Industry Collaboration & Innovation
We partner with industry to develop fit for purpose tools which increase workforce productivity.

Performance Data Analysis
Real-time data capture and analytics of User performance allow for predictive results to identify behavioural risks.

About the role
As a full-stack web applications developer you will be responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of our Node.js/Express.js web API, AngularJS SPA and all backing services. You will work closely with our client application developers, product specialists and UX/UI designers to ensure the data services, API services and web application fulfill the stringent requirements required to support and enable our end users. You will also have full input into the requirements exploration, design and architecture of all systems depending on backend services, such as customer management, data analytics and reporting, integration and optimisation

Job ad is focused on Brisbane, however Melbourne is also an option.

Apply via this seek ad:

Job Position

Junior Artist to make graphics for Hologram Table games
A Hologram Tables is a new device that makes objects that appear to float in the air.

These games use low poly graphics,
Do you know how to use 3Ds Max or Maya ?

In the picture above we show the style we are using.
You must be consistent with this style.

You will work as part of a team of 7.

Please send a portfolio of your work and resume to

If you love games and are a talented artist please apply.

A little bit about the company:
Euclideon Entertainment is a division of Euclideon Pty Ltd.
Euclideon has 5 offices globally and employees around 80 people.
We are involved in multiple industries as well as entertainment.
We opened a Hologram Entertainment Centre on the Gold Coast

Job Position

Hi everyone.

Real Serious Games is currently looking for freelance character artist/s to model and rig (2) characters, for our current VR project.

Characters required:
- Teenager
- Toddler

The models need to be;
- Modelled based on reference photos
- Game engine ready (Clean mesh, optimal polygon count)
- Unwrapped
- PBR textured
- Rigged

Optional [Please price as option]
- Facial rigging, Blendshapes

Please send your portfolio link along with your rate and schedule to, with [Freelance - character artist] in the subject line.

Thank you.

Job Position

• Engine level code work including both platform and rendering level code
• GPU Level code work, specifically around performance tweaking
• Improving and implementing clean interfaces and architectures that fit multiple devices
• Managing a large codebase that touches many platforms without breaking them
• Testing oriented design and careful programming of large scale systems
• Interacting with Art and Construction Engineering teams to make usable tools and interfaces
• Open minded forward thinking, keeping up to date on current techniques, research, graphics data, hardware and extended reality technologies.

• 5+ years professional coding experience
• Exceptional C / C++ skills and the ability to code and architect various core engine systems
• Passionate about virtual and augmented reality
• Thorough knowledge and proficient application of 3D math, rendering algorithms, and data structures
• Excellent knowledge of a broad range of graphics APIs and shader languages including DirectX and OpenGL/GLSL
• Experience with implementing rendering solutions
• Familiar with methods of platform abstraction or game engine development
• Experience optimizing game engines for various platforms

Bonus Points:
• Prior AR / VR development experience
• Embedded or mobile systems experience
• Experience using Unity’s core engine source code and tools
• Experience using Unreal Engine core engine source code and tools

Email applications to:

Job Position

• Working individually and within a small team of developers to implement, customize and troubleshoot engine-level code for Virtual Reality projects
• Helping bring cohesive and user-friendly Virtual Reality experiences
• Interacting with Art and Construction Engineering teams to make usable tools and interfaces
• Managing large codebases that touches many platforms without breaking them
• Open minded forward thinking, keeping up to date on current techniques, research, graphics data, hardware and extended reality technologies.

• 3+ years professional coding experience
• Computer Science degree or equivalent experience
• Strong C / C++ skills
• Strong C# development experience
• Cross platform development experience
• Strong initiative and ability to work collaboratively, both with internal developers and external partners
• Excellent communication skills
• Methodical and investigative disposition
• Ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and tasks
• Performance-minded development

Bonus Points:
• Prior AR / VR development experience
• 3D math understanding
• Passion for future technologies
• OpenGL / Direct3D / other 3D Graphics API experience
• Embedded or mobile systems experience
• Experience using Unity’s core engine source code and tools
• Experience using Unreal Engine core engine source code and tools

Email applications to:

Job Position

Job Title: 3D Artist


• Create high quality, accurate high and low polygon 3D models and textures based on source material provided i.e. reference photos, CAD files or technical drawings.
• Create assets that fit within polygon and memory budgets based on current generation game technology.
• Work efficiently within a team or independently and deliver tasks on time.
• Take direction and work closely with Art team lead.


• 3+ Years professional experience working within a game development or equivalent industry role.
• Professional level skills in 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Adobe Creative Suite and Substance Painter.
• Experience working with a variety of game engines and a thorough understanding game development pipelines – Unity experience a major plus
• Ability to work well under pressure and within tight deadlines.
• Possess the ability to quickly learn and adapt to Art production pipelines
• Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
• Talented and self-motivated with a willingness to learn.
• Current portfolio demonstrating your best and most recent work.
• Art related degree and/or comparable professional experience a bonus

Email portfolio link along with resume to:

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