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PC Powerplay has posted a job notice for Creative Assembly, the new Brisbane division of the UK game developer. From PC Powerplay:

"The Creative Assembly, creators of Shogun: Total War and in-development title Medieval: Total War have announced an Australian branch opening up towards the end of the year.

Currently they are targeting Brisbane, and they are looking for talent to get them going.

Wanted are Lead Artist, Artists, Programmers and Junior Programmers, so if you fit the bill, read up on the various positions and their requirements.

Or save yourself some time and just get on over to their Website and apply."

Current Vacancies: Australia

Lead Artist
Do you have a portfolio of insanely great artwork? A talent for herding cats? Then we might be interested in you. Lead Artists are expected to do all the stuff that regular artist-type Artists do, along with a role as an inspirer of artistic greatness and an ability to communicate the "coherent vision" thing to other members of the team. Prior experience in the industry is definitely an advantage with this role, but a talent for art and a passion for doing a great job are just as important.

Do you have a portfolio of great artwork? Then we might be interested in you. Successful candidates will be trained artists who show talent, creativity and artistic flair. Work experience with 3DStudioMax (or other 3D packages) would be an advantage, but not essential. Talent is the key, whether you use a pencil, ceiling brush or mouse to create the right image.

Programmers/Junior Programmers
Can you do rather clever things with program code? OK, can you do extraordinary things with program code in C, C+ or C++? Stuff so good it would knock our socks off? In that case, we're definitely interested in hearing from you.

Contact info and details at the bottom of this page.

**Update, thanks to Brain for pointing out that this is a word for word copy of an old Big Kids news item, 3 months back.


Want some programming experience at Eyecon ?

3D Engine Programming Intern
Position Code: JA004

1. Work with the Lead Games programmer to develop a custom realtime 3D application based on existing games engine.
2. Perform C++ 3D development work
3. Exposure to database connectivity
4. Suit applicant currently studying seeking experience in games industry
5. Experience: Must have C++ programming knowledge
6. Salary: Work Experience only

Eyecon are based in Queensland. Click here for contact details.


Eyecon (based in QLD), are the guys behind Gore and are hiring..

"The Eyecon team is expanding again, and needs some more high energy people to capitalise on it's exciting opportunities.

Business Development - Office Administrator
Programmer - Lead Systems Developer
Programmer - Systems Developer"

More information on their site. Click here.

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