Hairy Balls Are Out - New Puzzle Game for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch


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Hairy Balls is a clever new logic puzzle game. Easy to pickup and play, challenging to put down. If you love puzzle games and you're looking for something fun and rewarding, challenge yourself to a game of Hairy Balls.

Meet the hairy balls Dwayne, Graham, Lola, Jerome. They're balls and they're hairy. Help them reach their mushrooms on each level.

Play a little or play a lot, you will be surprised at the depth of this game.


- 3 level packs each introducing a new game mechanic. 66 levels with increasing challenges.

- iCloud integration. Levels are unlocked automatically across all your devices (iPhone, iPad).

- Challenges your brain, develops your planning and spacial reasoning skills.

- Quirky characters and backgrounds and an original soundtrack.