Mid-Snr 3D Environment Artist - League of Geeks

Application Deadline Date: 
Friday, 31 July 2020 - 6:00pm

The Studio - League of Geeks

At League of Geeks, we passionately devote ourselves to building compelling and enduring worlds you can lose yourself in. With some of the best concept artists amongst our ranks, we're now on the hunt for an exceptional 3D environment artist to join our team. Candidates must possess the ability to create and finish appealing 3D environments and props, across a broad range of themes and settings, whilst utilising their experience to apply best practices in crafting real-time assets for games.

Under guidance from the creative director and lead artist, as a 3D environmental artist, you will work closely with level design and concept art to create 3D environments that are both visually distinctive whilst being exciting playgrounds for the unique brand of gameplay LoG is defining. Utilising artistic, technical and architectural skills, you will contribute to the environment art team, who are responsible for all elements of the 3D environment pipeline, including texturing and material setup, as well as bringing the assets into Unity and helping to create vivid game scenes.

We are committed to building one of the best working environments in the world, with a genuine focus on well being, skill development, and the correct ratio of pot plants to humans.

If you’re keen to work with one of the world’s leading independent studios and help us create our new, exciting original IP, we'd love to hear from you!

Women and other underrepresented developers, please apply! We pride ourselves on our inclusive work environment and output, so we’d love to work with you.

Demonstrable expertise creating 3D environments and assets (both high and low poly) for games.
Proven experience working with advanced/modern 3D art pipelines for games.
Proficiency in Maya, Photoshop, Unity and Substance Painter/Designer.
Experience organising and optimising environments and assets for performance and memory.
The ability to adapt your artistic style in order to execute upon concept art and artistic direction.
Solid understanding of form, shape, structure, composition and silhouette as it relates to architecture, world building and modeling.
Detail sensitivity, a proven aesthetic eye and strong design sensibilities.
Excellent communication, creative collaboration and teamwork skills.
A commitment to working in a professional, inclusive and supportive environment.

Translate 2D concepts into vivid, playable, 3D environments.
Modeling, texturing, UV-mapping, composition, lighting, VFX, animation, etc.
Work with design, code and art departments to create and implement 3D game art.
Work within Unity 3D to guarantee your work thrives within technical and gameplay constraints.
Assist in creating marketing assets from game art as required.
Continual improvement of environment art processes and pipelines.
Collaborate with other developers and contribute to the development of artistic techniques and processes.
Work closely with the creative director, lead artist and senior concept artist to understand the videogame's creative direction and ensure the successful execution of its visual design and aesthetic goals.

Weekly bring-your-dog-to-work day on Monday. Yeah, dogs!
Talent development, mentorship and support.
Monthly self-directed professional development days.
Flexible work arrangement opportunities and family-friendly considerations.
Menstrual, Menopause and Parental leave.
Sustainable work hours.
Friday afternoon team social events.
Annual Summer family picnic, Winter Feast and MIGW party.
Located in The Arcade, one of the world’s first videogame co-working spaces.
Located in Melbourne, Australia. World’s most liveable city seven years in a row.

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