3D Animator - Mode Games

Job Position: 

We are seeking an Animator to work with us to create amazing games for mobile and desktop platforms. The animator must have an modest level of experience and be able to demonstrate animations they have created animating characters and other objects elements for games.

The 3D animator will work with the high standard of our game development team at Mode who will provide the animator with artwork, content and briefs for animations we require in our games. Some 2D animation skills may be required from time to time and having these skills will be favourable to the candidate but all animations for 2D must be achieved within Unity using its Animation system. 3D animations can be produced in external software and imported into Unity.

This position is currently only being offered as short term contract, approx 2 months in duration starting in approx 2-3 months time rolling weekly here on. Weekly rates dependant on experience. The candidate can work off site to our Sydney office but must be able to be contactable during Sydney local time.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • Rig characters for use with animations.
  • 2 years of experience in Maya or a similar 3D development tool to create animations for and within Unity.
  • Clear understanding of character motion and physics-based motion.
  • Ability to give style, creativity and life to animations (vehicles, objects, characters)
  • Get in touch via our jobs application page including a link to your portfolio and CV http://www.mode-games.com/jobs/