3D Generalist (UE4) for Studio Mayday

Job Position: 
Application Deadline Date: 
Saturday, 17 August 2019 - 6:00pm

3D Generalist

Mayday is seeking a 3D Generalist with UE4 specialty to join our team to construct a new IP focused on merging innovative story-telling with mind-bending turn-based combat.

We’re looking for someone who has a strong background in not only developing great games but also building content pipelines, creating engaging environments as well as a firm understanding of production of art from concept to in-engine. We’re seeking a candidate that can apply their experience and proven skills to help us develop a consistent content library and be a key part of our team as we build an unannounced narrative-driven RPG game.

The requirement for this mid to senior role is primarily on content development from concepts, 3D authoring software to integrating in-engine at an experienced level; as such we’ll be specifically seeking candidates with an expert understanding of best practices in game art pipelines, and fundamental/familiar understanding of Unreal Engine 4.

We will only consider candidates with a shipped or published (including indie) game, showcased environments and/or demonstration of engine expertise within a portfolio for this role.

Relocation assistance is available for successful applicants.

The salary band for this role (Mid-Senior) is $70,000 - $85,000 NZD depending on candidate professional experience, portfolio, skill-set as well as previous work history.

Applications for this role will close by ​New Zealand Time Friday 17th of August .


Collaborate with other teams to help develop content, visual storytelling and iteration on assets within the game.

Work with the Art Lead on interpreting, iterating and expanding on key-art assets in order to develop the game’s content library.

Deliver high quality assets in 3D and integrate them into the project working in-engine.

Work with the Development Director on both existing and upcoming key-art for projects.

Aide in estimating and assessing tasks delegated to the art team during production alongside the Art Lead.

Assist when needed on the creation and maintenance of production documentation, including pipeline and best practices.

Collaborate with the design team on rapid prototyping, grey-boxing or art support to iterate on game features.

Provide best-practices and feedback to junior professionals on the team.


Portfolio and/or demonstration reels of body of work at a minimum ‘experienced’ to ‘senior’ capacity in game art development.

Portfolio or body of work must demonstrate environment development in-engine using Unreal Engine 4.

Previous professional experience in 3D for game development.

Fluency in content pipelines for Unreal Engine 4.

New Zealand/Australian residency or work permit in New Zealand.

‘Nice to Have’

Experience with mobile, console and portable device deployments.

Experience comparable to 5+ years working professionally to develop games (either in a studio environment or independent environment).

Experience with Tech Art in Unreal Engine 4, including VFX and performance profiling tools.

Experience with turn-based game mechanics.

Academic qualifications in Game Art, Fine Art or Graphic Design, or formal training in any creative field including photography, cinematography or illustration.

Common Questions on the Role

What would set me apart from other candidates?
We’re really looking out for people who’ve had experience designing and executing an artistic vision using both 3D authoring tools as well as the tools available to them in UE4, but if you’re someone who is very confident working inside of UE4 to make even basic assets look spectacular, we should definitely chat!

What are some things that you’re heavily weighted toward?
We would really prefer candidates that have experience with aspects of working in-engine normally reserved for technical artists, such as having confidence working with blueprints, materials and understanding post-processing effects.

We are also always on the lookout for artists with very strong fundamental technical skills in both how they look at their art, and how their art goes in-engine. Articulating on these really helps!

Is there an art style you’re looking out for in particular?
Sure! We’re on the look out for hand-painted, heavily stylized and even fantasy artists that might rely on balancing lighting, materials and their texture information to get a desired effect.

I’ve only made a student/personal project, should I apply?
We’re really asking you to consider if your experience would match up with our expectations, and at a role like this, the requirements are metrics that we will need to trust you on - as well as hold accountable. It would be a stressful experience for us both if these did not match, but if you feel confident, sure!

When can I expect a response?
In the past we have aimed to respond to every application, but have struggled to keep up with the volume, as such we’re not able to commit to responding to unsuccessful applications. If possible, we will let you know within two weeks, and if you are successful, we will request more materials or an interview within a week of the deadline. If you have not had a response from us within 3 weeks of the deadline, the application was not successful.

I don’t know how to approach the topic of money!
Look that’s totally fine, money is awkward, so Mayday employs standardized bands for all of our employees uniformly across all disciplines; this is based on discussing with you the years of experience, professional body of work, skills as well as your portfolio work. We’ll talk with you about how we arrived at an applicable band and your thoughts, and arrive at the most comfortable band together.

How to Apply
Please email ​ careers@mayday.nz
Please include a cover-letter and CV.
Please do not include other attachments.
Portfolio or body of work should be linked within the email.
We ask that you respect our privacy and work/home life balance by not contacting our staff over social-media to inquire about the roles. All questions should be directed at ​ careers@mayday.nz