Animators & Level Builders (designers) wanted for Red Tribe


Redtribe is looking for highly talented, seasoned Game Animators and Level Builders.

At this stage we're hiring experienced game animators that understand the nuances of animating for gameplay. If you're a fan of RPGs, love superheroes and you're an extraordinary animator, we would like to hear from you. An interest in fighting, fighting games, manga art styles, etc. would be advantageous. We're really looking for animators that understand game mechanics and interactions and can work closely with the programming team to create the desired result.

Level Builders:
We're looking for holistic level builders and designers. The role involves everything from level design and layout, puzzle design, enemy placements and 3D modelling. You must demonstrate both an advanced understanding of level design and the ability to work with level building tools (both proprietary and off the shelf) to create finished, polished levels in 3D. You would have a broad and in-depth understanding of level design principles.

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