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Games Programmer at Kumobius



Our games are considered some of the best experiences one can have on mobile due to our attention to detail, our internal vetting processes and our desire to only show our best work. Our games have been downloaded million of times and have won several international and local awards and showcases. Applicants should be interested in making fantastic experiences that offer something for everyone.


Kumobius is looking for an experienced programmer either in the video game industry already or experienced with indie developed games. The role will involve a variety of different programming-driven tasks, including:

  • Adding new gameplay features to our games (C++)
  • Adding new functionality to our build tools framework (C#)
  • Prototyping new game ideas (C++ and potentially Unity)
  • Supporting and fixing bugs in our existing games/engine/tools (C++ and C#)

Required Skills:

  • Solid command of C, C++ and C#.
  • Experience with OpenGL.
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Strong understanding of 2D maths concepts.
  • Ability to learn new concepts quickly.
  • Proactive and interested in learning new concepts or exploring software libraries.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Relevant industry experience of 1 or more years.

Minimum Education:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent education/experience.

Bonus Criteria:

  • Experience with OpenGL ES and GLSL.
  • Strong understanding of 3D maths concepts.
  • Experience with Unity.
  • Portfolio of game development work.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio and Apple Xcode.
  • Familiar with task tracking tools such as JIRA or Trello.

Location Requirement:

  • This position is for Melbourne CBD and requires the applicant to have been living in Victoria, Australia for at least 6 months prior to accepting the position.

To apply for this position please use our contact form with the subject "GAMES PROGRAMMER APPLICATION". Include a public Dropbox link (or equivalent file sharing software) to your resume (and/or whatever additional materials you feel are worth sharing) in the body of your application letter.