Roto / Paint Artist - Luma Pictures - Melbourne


Are you a Roto / Paint Artist?

Luma is a leading visual effects studio that has worked on tons of blockbuster films like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Prometheus; Academy Award-winning films including Crash, True Grit and No Country for Old Men; and numerous commercials such as A Mini Marvel for Coke which aired during Super Bowl 50. We are a crew of talented artists that hail from all over the world, who are passionate about creating mind blowing work. On top of that, we are a cool company, with cool people, cool offices, and we do cool things. Can't beat that!

If you're down to become part of a growing family, we'd love to hear from you.


-Performing tasks such as 2D tracking
-Matte extraction
-Rig removal / paint fixes
-3D camera projections
-Clean plate creation
-Grain matching
-Spline based roto creation
-Sophisticated shape creation and editing
-Shape animation (by hand and w/ trackers)
-Shape compositing, fill modes, opacity settings
-Compositing roto, plate and color correction nodes to create, render and review color-overlay roto check


-At least one year of experience working on feature films or HD
-Teleproduction Must know Nuke (experience in Maya is a plus)
-Must be willing and able to relocate if necessary

If this is you, please apply here: