VR Engine Developer

Job Position: 

• Working individually and within a small team of developers to implement, customize and troubleshoot engine-level code for Virtual Reality projects
• Helping bring cohesive and user-friendly Virtual Reality experiences
• Interacting with Art and Construction Engineering teams to make usable tools and interfaces
• Managing large codebases that touches many platforms without breaking them
• Open minded forward thinking, keeping up to date on current techniques, research, graphics data, hardware and extended reality technologies.

• 3+ years professional coding experience
• Computer Science degree or equivalent experience
• Strong C / C++ skills
• Strong C# development experience
• Cross platform development experience
• Strong initiative and ability to work collaboratively, both with internal developers and external partners
• Excellent communication skills
• Methodical and investigative disposition
• Ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and tasks
• Performance-minded development

Bonus Points:
• Prior AR / VR development experience
• 3D math understanding
• Passion for future technologies
• OpenGL / Direct3D / other 3D Graphics API experience
• Embedded or mobile systems experience
• Experience using Unity’s core engine source code and tools
• Experience using Unreal Engine core engine source code and tools

Email applications to: jobs@realseriousgames.com