Entry level 2D art paid internship - Subtle Boom/Fledgling Heroes

Job Position: 

Hello. Brendan and I, aka 'Subtle Boom' are looking to hire an art intern full time at entry level rates for 8 weeks beginning mid-late November. (With a Christmas/New Years break.) The job is onsite only, located in Teneriffe, Brisbane.

Our game, 'Fledgling Heroes', is a level-based autoscroll platformer with a unique art style + in-built level editor. (For more info on the game you can check out the website: https://www.fledglingheroes.com/)

We're ideally looking for an entry level candidate to help get someone's foot in the door, but we'll be looking at everyone. Candidates will be judged on the following criteria:

-Animation skill
-Experimentation with a variety of different asset creation tools (3D, 2D, etc.)
-Strong understanding of style
-Creative environment/character designing skills.

Experience in unity, toonboom, illustrator are good, but not necessary.

Send your applications to anya@subtleboom.com including your portfolio and a small intro. We'll be looking at applicants next Monday, so please try and send your portfolios before 9am Mon 12th. :)