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We are seeking a Concept Artist to produce game concept sketches and explore visually creative ideas to help in the process of developing our games in the early stages of pre-production. The artist would be able to draw anything we require from environments, characters and all sorts of real world and out of this world objects. The candidate therefore must have exceptional drawing skills with pencil and pen to paper. The Concept Artist must be able to show a portfolio with an extensive amount of drawing work they have created, ideally with a focus for the purpose of the development of games. The Concept Artist will work closely with a Game Designer in the early stages of the game design process. The Game Designer will provide direction and guidance to the Concept Artist and will collorate to produce a vision for game concepts we have in production.

This position will be paid at an hourly or daily rate and variable depending on experience. For this position we prefer the candidate to work off-site but willing to meet or conference call our vibrant Sydney Office.


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Guys, please contact Mode Games directly if you're interested in this job. You can either send them a private message on their profile page, or visit their website (listed on their profile page) and contact them directly there. You can't expect or depend on job posters to check their comment replies here. Contact them directly.

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